LaLee Bee

Laura-Lee is a gifted literary and political theorist whose academic focus is on human nature and its propensity to perpetuate happiness.
Academic study coupled with world travelling birthed the Sustainable Dreams Movement – a theory of inspiration steeped in ancient tradition and scientific reason. 

Laura-Lee Bowers spent her adolescence studying eastern philosophy & western nutrition, piecing together the overlapping principles in ancient wisdom and modern thought.

After training in both classical western & eastern cultural physical disciplines from childhood, she noted philosophical and physiological principles identical in each. She took to researching natural, humanistic, laws, such as these, that persisted across cultures and time: revealing solid & fundamental Truths and a proven road map to overcome the challenges, and maximize the joys, of life.

After studying ancient philosophy & practices intently during adolescence in the East, she then turned to acute training as a scientist in the West.

Laura-Lee graduated in first-class standing from a small university on breathtaking Vancouver Island. She has been closely mentored by literary, political & philosophical professors & scientists of the highest calibre.

Having trained in classical ballet and traditional yoga from a very young age, she set her sights on developing a relationship between research & art: leveraging spirituality with science and creating new wisdom from the cutting edge connections–answering the most pressing questions facing our global society at large–between Truths already known.

Abandoning the insisting influences around her, encouraging her to appeal to prestigious scholarships–to record and publish this theory in graduate studies, as an academic book only read by other academics–Laura-Lee designed LaLee Lifestyle to take research out of academia, and spiritual wisdom out of recluse, creating a distinctive wave of new inspiration.

She is offering the depth of the temple and the height of an ivory tower to everyone who cares to reach a more meaningful and elevated existence.