About Our Founder, LaLee Lifestyle & UpRoots Wellness

Laura-Lee Bowers is a researcher and academic who is passionate about providing real-world solutions to living our best lives, becoming our best selves, and bringing our greatest gifts to the world and each other. That’s why she created LaLee Lifestyle and our sister company UpRoots Wellness.

Laura-Lee is currently undergoing certification in:

Holistic Nutrition & Weight Management

Workouts Design

Advanced Yoga, Pilates & Meditation Instruction

Peace, Fulfillment, Vitality & Abundance — Effortlessly

LaLee Lifestyle creates solutions for intense personal growth, easefully, simply  and tailored to you. We gift you peace, fulfillment — your personal and unique vitality —  all delivered your way.

We are your authenticity, made easy.

No more cookie-cutter courses that don’t fit your personal needs, no more one-size-fits-all directions to follow for cliche ‘success’, we are going against the crowd to bring you original —  data-backed — insights for your best life. We’re freeing you from the rat race.

Our Founder’s Story: in 8 Steps

1 Laura-Lee Bowers ( LaLee) grew up studying ballet.

2 LaLee began studying yoga at a very young age as cross training.

3 She travelled the world throughout her teens…

… studying philosophy with eastern cultures

…deepening her yoga practice

…paying special attention to form & the similarities between eastern & western movement practices.

4 She studied cutting edge nutrition.

5 She graduated with distinction from a specialized degree in scientific theory —  she was pressured to publish her findings with grants, scholarships & research placements from top tier schools.

6 She had developed an interdisciplinary theory of success — a universal method for high achievement.

7 A weird twist of fate made her decide her research would be purer without the confines of academia (plus she’d make a bigger impact going public). She decided to make her research accessible.

8 She dedicated all of her time, her entire focus, research and wisdom —  for 3 years —  to develop UpRoots Wellness: therapies powerful enough to surmount any human obstacle; clearing the pathways to creating a natural, fulfilling, happy & successful life — every way.



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Authenticity is the easiest and hardest thing to do when you don’t have clear direction. Let us show you the simple way. LaLee Lifestyle & UpRoots Wellness provide definitive step-by-step guides to your most natural way of being: the Happiest, most Fulfilled, Vital & Peaceful state you can imagine.

Laura-Lee Bowers

We’ve got the answers to any and all of your struggles because the solutions always follow a specific holistic pattern.


We bring health, happiness & freedom done your way.

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