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Peace, Fulfillment, Vitality & Abundance — Effortlessly

LaLee Lifestyle creates solutions for intense personal growth, easefully, simply  and tailored to you. We gift you peace, fulfillment — your personal and unique vitality —  all delivered your way.

We are your authenticity, made easy.

No more cookie-cutter courses that don’t fit your personal needs, no more one-size-fits-all directions to follow for cliche ‘success’, we are going against the crowd to bring you original —  data-backed — insights for your best life. We’re freeing you from the rat race.

Our Founder’s Story: in 8 Steps

1 Laura-Lee Bowers ( LaLee) grew up studying ballet.

2 LaLee began studying yoga at a very young age as cross training.

3 She travelled the world throughout her teens…

… studying philosophy with eastern cultures

…deepening her yoga practice

…paying special attention to form & the similarities between eastern & western movement practices.

4 She studied cutting edge nutrition.

5 She graduated with distinction from a specialized degree in scientific theory —  she was pressured to publish her findings with grants, scholarships & research placements from top tier schools.

6 She had developed an interdisciplinary theory of success — a universal method for high achievement.

7 A weird twist of fate made her decide her research would be purer without the confines of academia (plus she’d make a bigger impact going public). She decided to make her research accessible.

8 She dedicated all of her time, her entire focus, research and wisdom —  for 3 years —  to develop UpRoots Wellness: therapies powerful enough to surmount any human obstacle; clearing the pathways to creating a natural, fulfilling, happy & successful life — every way.



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Authenticity is the easiest and hardest thing to do when you don’t have clear direction. Let us show you the simple way. LaLee Lifestyle & UpRoots Wellness provide definitive step-by-step guides to your most natural way of being: the Happiest, most Fulfilled, Vital & Peaceful state you can imagine.

Laura-Lee Bowers

We’ve got the answers to any and all of your struggles because the solutions always follow a specific holistic pattern.


We bring health, happiness & freedom done your way.

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