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Health Awareness: 5 Practical Tips to use Awareness to Get to Your Health Goals

Do you know the 2 basic methods to achieve health goals? Of course you do: the hard way and the easy way. What I’m about to tell you may surprise you: the hard way isn’t sustainable, and the easy way is like an easy, peasy, dream come true. Bear with me while I explain that through deeply tuned in health awareness, your greatest health goals, and ideal wellness, become so simple and natural to achieve you couldn’t possibly get it wrong!

Did you know the hard ways we are often taught to achieve health goals are not only unsustainable but don’t give us any real pleasure (even when we attain them)? Do you know there are easy and sustainable ways to achieve your greatest health goals…? Of course you do. You know it deep down inside of you… because everything in nature is healthful, effortlessly, and deep down — you are too.

Health Awareness: Why Listen to Me?

Firstly, before I talk to you about what I found, let’s talk about what I do as a scientist. I am what they call a “grounded theory researcher”. That means that the theories I produce are grounded in data and real world experiences. A theory is essentially a law that cannot be refuted (if it can be refuted it ultimately is not a valid theory). That means it should be applicable across the board. Gravity is a theory, as is evolution, because they apply to everything they affect and they haven’t been refuted yet.

Brene Brown is a grounded theory researcher. Her focus is on connection. You’ll hear her speak all of the time about being inspired by a life experience and diving into the research or setting up observational studies to produce a theory about what she has experienced.

My research focus is, and always has been, on inspiration and goal achievement (with a  special focus on health & general wellness goals — it’s my world). And what I’ve found is that all goals, whether they be health goals, personal or professional development goals — even relationship goals — all follow the same path to fruition.

What it takes, fundamentally, to achieve a health goal is the same as what it takes to achieve a professional goal. Inspiration is the key that shows us what goals we are capable of achieving. Simple awareness is what makes getting to those goals super easy.

Awareness: the Key to Health Goals, Relationship Goals & Professional Development

I was invited into the backend of a pretty major festival here in Byron Bay, Australia (where we live at present) and I got the opportunity to rake my researchers gaze over some of the most successful people on the planet. It isn’t everyday that you get to observe highly successful individuals up close. They taught me something major about wellness (and easy fitness) by demonstrating how extremely high success is achieved.

There are two ways to be successful in ANYTHING (from health goals to wealth goals and everything in between): There is the hard way that is short-lived and the easy way which lasts a lifetime.

If you’ve been following along with me for a little while at least (especially in my email list where I share more personal stories), you’ll know I am a major chiller who really likes the laid back life (I know everyone could say that, but I could stare at a wall for hours and not get bored — I like extreme downtime quite a lot), but if you know anything else about my life you’ll know I also get big things done.

For instance, I travelled the world instead of going to high school; I lived on 4 continents and had a blossoming culinary career in a Michelin starred kitchen by the age of 18. I went on to graduate from a highly targeted university degree, specializing in scientific theory (the most confusing area of academia) with honours … without having even a grade 10 education! Then I put all of my experience to work to get super fit without dieting or strenuous exercise … simply because, no matter how much our culture preaches about “grinding”, the hard way was never going to work for me.

The chill, for me, has actually been a major way to carve out sustainable goal achievement, and it’s absolutely fundamentally necessary for health goals and especially weight loss. It’s crucial for overall fitness and wellbeing.Yet, so is effort… How do we consolidate this irony? What KIND of effort is necessary to achieve health goals for a lifetime?

The Power of Healthy Awareness

At this impressive festival I was invited into over Easter (it was amazing and you should connect with me on IG if you’re into seeing ‘fun, free, fit’ in action) we had a tonne of fun. There were big acts there. I got to work behind the scenes and be pretty close to these people (the kind of people who win lifetime achievement awards at the Grammy’s… or have phenomenal careers after decades in the music business. Really, truly, successful people).

This week with intensely successful, famous people, at the top of their game, made me beg this big question: what KIND of grind is actually necessary to achieve dream goals — like your best body, easy, ideal health — as natural as the health of a child or a tree?

Act after act I noticed something… The most truly successful people had an *awareness* that was uncanny.

Their focus and presence, their ability to be open in the moment, connect (with themselves and other people) act and react based on real-time, real-world feedback (from inside themselves or from other people) is what made them special.

This key trait, deep awareness, is also what made it effortless.

That is the kind of success I’m into! The inspired, effortless, balance-in-motion kind of success that looks like gold to us when we see it. There is a natural flow of wellness we can fall into to get to our highest health goals. It’s the kind of fitness & wellness I teach you how to achieve through my programs. I want for you what I wanted and achieved for myself: to be fit and healthy like a natural being, not like a fitness “guru” who has to weigh all of their food and start living at a gym! That’s not the kind of grind you need.

There were two different kinds of successful people I observed: the awesome-life, happy, sustainable, and long-term successful people… and the burnt out, on their last legs, unhealthy and unhappy kind. I looked at what the holistically healthy and happy people did differently.

I also saw incredibly successful musicians at the festival who were very accomplished in music but obviously not doing so well in other areas of their lives… They looked unhappy, perhaps on drugs, and … washed out, to be honest. And you know what? They won’t be successful for long. Those people will also tell you how hard it was to get to where they are and what a pain all of it still is! Making real sacrifices (giving up what makes you happy) to achieve singular goals is not a sustainable or realistic way to make your dreams come true. I think, just from my personal experience, that this kind of striving means we don’t actually believe we are worthy of achieving the goal.

I noticed something different these uber-successful dream-weavers were doing, that the near-burnt-out people were not, they brought full awareness to the moment, that is the core of “hard work” that’s necessary to make any dream come true — including the biggest and best goal: the goal of health.

Easy Health Goals Require a Deep Challenge — Awareness

Don’t get me wrong, I had to work hard to do the things I have done (above). And I KNOW these people did too. I could see it in every act. They were really bringing something unique to the table and they’d worked hard to hone that. The difference between this kind of hard work, the hard work to bring your authentic presence to the world, is that you’ll enjoy the challenge. I mean, I’ve only just begun my path towards higher health goals and professional development.  I’m actually looking forward to all of the grinding I’m going to have to continue to do to get the energy levels and vitality I’m after!

So why am I saying the sustainable way is easy?? Because I CANNOT STAND being forced to do things I don’t want to do. I don’t think you can either. I remember crying all throughout ballet one time, because I had been told so many times I needed “to be more disciplined” that I tried to force myself to practice when I didn’t want to — it didn’t work. I wasn’t meant to be a performing ballerina. Another time I tried to go on a super restrictive diet and I was bawling before launch time because I was hungry — our bodies are not meant to be restricted when food is around!

The hard way DOES NOT work for me. I’m convinced that it really does not work for anyone… Not in the way I want for you. It doesn’t work long-term. Keep reading to see what I mean.

Health Awareness: Achieve Any Goal

When you bring a real deep sense of awareness and presence to your activities, you can truly honour yourself, your inspirations, and every opportunity to grow. As I said earlier, your inspirations are the keys to understanding what goals you can actually achieve. You can’t be whatever you choose to be, but you absolutely can be everything you truly desire. In fact, the path to THOSE goals (the ones you genuinely, deeply desire) is the easiest and most joyful path you can take. The truly successful people will tell you it was a pleasure to get to where they are. Because they had the wherewithal to follow their greatest excitement.

The only hard part is bringing enough awareness to honour yourself truly and follow your own inspiration through. We are fretfully misprogrammed to be so unaware of the most important aspects of ourselves. That’s why I’m a blogger and not a Professor! I’m developing tools, methods and healing therapies for anyone who wants to use them… and get FREE.

What I’m describing is not only the way to achieve health goals, but it’s how you achieve HOLISTIC wellness which is the foundation of your entire wellbeing. When you focus on getting to your health goals the hard way, like cutting calories to lose weight or over-exercising to get fit, any success comes at a great cost. Those methods, in health, are ineffective. Any success gained that way is short-lived. The sacrificial nature of lopsided aims means the gains are imbalanced and prone to topple. It’s almost like the short-term benefits are borrowed from other places in your life!

Practical Methods to Achieve Health Goals, Holistically and Sustainably

The key is in awareness. That’s why all of my programs start with intent and acute therapies to potently pull your whole self into true AWARENESS.

  1. Bring awareness to enjoying your food, sensing your authentic hunger & appetite so you can employ intuitive eating.
  2. Practice awareness in your body to sense personal cravings for types of activity that will most benefit your constitution.
  3. Develop deep awareness in your surroundings to master time management and to identify opportunities as they arise.
  4. Self-awareness exercises will strengthen your self-worth and you will find so much more joy in healthy lifestyle changes.
  5. Alignment in your body requires a deep inner awareness which prevents injuries, increases energy levels, diminishes fatigue & anxiety during exercise and improves vitality.

Awareness in Eating

Cutting calories to lose weight is effectively starving ourselves, which results in our metabolism slowing down and, ultimately, weight GAIN. Not to mention it sucks! Food is integral to our lives and our happiness as human beings. Forcing restrictions on our very basic needs is a recipe for disaster. It breaks your connection to your authentic hunger and pits your mind (and awareness) AGAINST your body. Your body will win because it is much stronger than you are. Your body is the result of perhaps millions of years of evolution, your conscious awareness is only as old as you are. A diet regime is only as old as the research surrounding it.

As someone who has done quite a lot of nutritional research, I can tell you no diet is miraculous (no, not even plantbased or paleo or keto). Your body however has the wisdom of millenia of trial and error. Nature strives towards perfection, or ideal health, wellness and even beauty (this is one of the most overlooked findings of Darwin’s theory of evolution). Your true hunger is perfect. Your natural desire for food is a doorway to perfect weight management and wellness. The key is getting your awareness wrapped around your authentic appetite.

Awareness in the Body & Form

Over exercising results in stress. Some stress is necessary for growth, and we crave it, that’s why I get excited about the ‘work’ involved in getting to a goal. You will too, when you are fully clear in your awareness, and I create tools to help you do just that (get clear, try some for FREE here). If you truly do not want to do a thing, like working out, forcing yourself will cause undue stress, cortisol release, and begin creating the foundation for illness. You don’t need to work out super-hard to get fit!

Over-exertion stresses our bodies out, causing all manner of dis-ease. Some practitioners believe, and the data is rolling in to support the theory, that all illness begins with stress.

Awareness of Self-Worth

Working on your self-worth will get you a thousand times closer to achieving that goal than forcing self-sacrificial methods on yourself and life. Lopsided self-deprivation for health goals isn’t the way to success. We don’t want that for you! We want natural & simple. It just makes sense.  

That’s why I design courses to get people to that place. I make it easy for you. Because I know the chill is not just enjoyable, but it’s totally necessary for real success.

So let’s invite this in — the work part and the rest part (because being away from our dreams is freaking stressful).



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