Real Health & Wellness, for Real People. 

Free your Best Self Anytime, Anywhere.

We're different...

We are not in the business of telling you what to do, we are in the business of facilitating the release of everything that’s been standing in your way—so you can start living your best life, effortlessly. 

You don’t need us to tell you what to do to create the life & body you deserve, you need us to show you how to change why you aren’t there already. We’re here for you to begin creating your best, and most authentic, life naturally.

Scientifically Advanced

All of our programs use data-backed methods and cutting edge technology. We bring you the closest thing to magic: good research.

Spiritually Enhanced

A results-based approach needs spiritual elements. We've developed unique and powerful therapies by enhancing time-tested traditional practices.

Holistic & Sustainable

Our holistic models of personal and professional growth are how we make lasting change simple. We make your sustainable development the easiest (and only worthy) goals to achieve.

Our Districts — Your Personal Powers

Mental Awareness

Self-Awareness &

Emotions System

Self-Love, Care &

Energetic Frequency

Self-Acceptance &

Physical Presence

Self-Actualization &

What is your Happiness Archetype?

Which GRATi Pack is right for you?

Happy clients

I didn't know what to expect, but I've never felt anything like it. I could FEEL the MIDis working in my BODY and now I'm lighter than ever before.
I went on vacation, ate like crazy at buffets everyday (and drank a lot), and I still lost inches. The clothes I left with didn't fit in a month!
I fell asleep during most of the practices and they worked! I don't know how you've done it, but it's impossible to mess this up!

Our unique approach.

We believe that people know the way they’re meant to be, do, live. That knowing manifests itself as desire, or what you dream of becoming. Our techniques uproot your deepest blocks and unleash your highest inspirations. We release what prevents your authentic self and best life from emerging.  

Create a positive mindset and heal negativity with these potent practices.

Undo limitations influenced from harmful beliefs picked up in childhood, from society and/or faulty ‘authority’ figures.

Learn how to work with your body to create your best body & life. These alignment principles make every movement target tone. 

Curriculum that makes you the best teacher you’ve ever had, learn from your reactions, heal your relationships and make decisions aligned with the real you.

NEW therapy that develops the positive aspects of the Personal Powers without unearthing negative experiences (safe for mentally and emotionally delicate situations).

Your Easy, Holistic Health, Starts Here

WholeHearted Wellness

A "Taster" MIDI therapy that supports all 4 Personal Powers.

Perfect Body Mindset

A "Mini" Mindset Reset course for positive, perfect body consciousness.

Ideal Body Masters

A complete, holistic, healthy lifestyle change and body recomposition.

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