Nutritionist & researcher teaches how to incorporate scientific weight loss nutritional advice with the holistic wellness benefits of intuitive eating.


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The reason there is no one diet to rule them all when it comes to weight loss is that you are unique, your body is different from everyone else’s, and what will work for someone else’s ideal body is not necessarily going to be aligned with your Ideal Body Nature.

You’ll start this course with the science of nourishment and weight loss with Laura-Lee, an accredited nutritionist & researcher, then learn the how to test your own body to see which weight loss “diet” plan will work for you. There is no restricting yourself or dietary deprivation here, you’ll grow into understanding your individual needs according to your Ideal Body Nature and what nutrition suits your best body.

You can, and should, eat whatever you truly want, whenever you truly crave, and still lose weight. This course will teach you how.

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