Sustainable Dreams: The Powerful Difference between Thinking Positively and Feeling that Way.


Sustainable Dreams are personal ideals made into reality – holistically great attainments that can be enjoyed while maintaining the ‘good’ of all. The Hebrew word translated as “good” in the bible actually means “fully functioning”. This is the only way, I am convinced, to truly have a dream come true. Nay, this is the only way to have a dream stay true. Your true and authentic dreams are “good” in the whole sense, and the entire universe will get behind you on this path. How? The path truly boils down to feeling. Feeling, not thought, is everything—distilled. Thinking positively is such a widespread recommendation these days that some (especially in the mental health field) are advocating official and unofficial campaigns against it! Thinking positively is a powerful tool to growth, goals, making your dreams a reality, good relationships etcetera. But, it’s more of an effect than a cause.

Let’s back up. We’ll consider a situation where you really need some good vibes in your life and a little positive flow of juice from the ether. Let’s consider thinking positively while trying to heal a trauma or perhaps grieving. You feel hurt. You force-think positively. If thinking positively, not feeling authentically, is the goal you set your focus on: you may only cover up the problem… or worse—forcing a positive mindset can set your perception against what is happening. It can make matters far worse if your perception is turned to judging the terrible feelings of loss or fear etcetera as somehow ‘wrong’. If you’re focussing on a negative thought, positive thinking is great. If you are having a reaction, and you force positive thought, it can be a detriment. Feeling is key. Feeling through the scenario brings a sense of warmth, safety, comfort & control; from here, and only from here, can authentic positivity come from.

We can’t really control feelings per se. What you’re feeling is a guiding tool to recognize what’s real, and natural, precisely because ‘you’ (your thoughts, sense of self, etcetera) cannot control it. Starting a war with yourself by turning your thoughts against this essential part of you is detrimental to your whole health and wellbeing. Thinking positively while coping with anxiety? This can turn into a source of anxiety (!) and self-blame. This is no kind of relationship to have with the most important person in your life (you). How are you going to harness the power of your mind under those circumstances? The mind is an incredibly powerful tool, as is positive thought. However, considering thought alone in your gameplay to win gold can only result in superficial and temporary progress at best. It works, to the extent that it is able, but it’s not sustainable. Getting to your ideal life is the most natural path, you’re meant for it, everything in existence is rooting for you—getting there is a sincerely organic course—and your feelings will guide you to it: like water to the ocean.

Now let’s jump forward! What is the difference, then, when you feel positively? If you are honest and ask yourself why you want any given thing, I guarantee it distills down to a feeling. (Everything does.) You don’t want to attain goals, in essence, you want to feel a certain way. Feeling is where your creative power as an individual sits, it is your barometer, but it is also your attainment. It’s all you’ve ever wanted. It begins and ends right there. Like a circle. That makes sense, right? Everything in life is a circle. How could you be more perfect in design? Rumi said “what you seek is also seeking you” like a circle. Indeed, the feeling you seek is the very ticket to being that way. The best part of this Truth? If you find a way to feel the way you want, not only will you source the creative power achieve it physically, you will also immediately gain what you desire! Because, as I mentioned, if you’re honest with yourself, every wish of yours is in essence a feeling you want to experience. That is what they mean when they say everything you want is already in you & that you already possess it. You do!