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LaLee Lifestyle designs, checks and validates content for a wide variety of applications and clientele.

Every business is a journey; every brand is a story. Every undertaking is an adventure and every vision is a statement. Make sure yours is well written.
Because you cannot know when you are wrong (and you never know how right it could be).
Insight is ceaseless; committing to discovery can mean infinite progress.
It is the breath of life which precedes every action.

Call us to action for:

General Editing (grammar, punctuation & spelling),
Copy Editing (general content, syntax, rhetoric),
General & Copy Writing (blogs, social media, web content & print materials),
Research & Writing (high impact marketing materials, validating research),
Resumes (includes cover letters),
Grant Writing & Proposals Editing,
Public Speaking & Representation.

Contact: [email protected]

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