You Need Un-Conscious Restoration

Unconscious limiting belief is the archetype working against you the most when it comes to connecting to your Ideal Body Nature.

This is most times, if not always, the result of familial and cultural programming that does not serve your highest health. It stems from early childhood, but it is normally reinforced throughout our lives. The limiting core beliefs archetype recreates its own limitations over and over, making deep grooves, imprinting the picture of itself again and again, not only shaping our idea of reality but creating it.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with limiting beliefs is that they are not your reality. Also, they don't want to create the crappy reality. They are just re-acting out their programming. The right tools can put you back in control and get them back on your wellness team.

When this answer shows up in your quiz, it is because the environment early on in your life was not in line with your highest health.

Your unconscious mind, in turn, internalized the outline provided for it. And, like a sculptor's mold, your unconscious keeps recreating the same shape over and over, making your reality in the image it was taught as opposed to the one with is authentically you.

The unconscious mind very literally creates your body. It rules energy production and therefore metabolism & matter.

The trouble with having this mental force out of whack with your wellness is that it is the creative force in our lives. It is the hardest faulty archetype to detect because it creates physical situations that align with its beliefs. If you've ever tried to tap into the power of your mind (manifesting/healing etc.) you will find have found it very, very difficult to attain any big changes.

The unconscious core belief layer is the foundational creative force for your life. It takes time to restore, but is very willing.

The good news is this is the most relaxing, and hands-off, archetype to treat. You can't actually think your way there, therapies for the unconscious are a bit different. When we do get to the bottom of it, the limiting core beliefs seem quite irrational and silly once uncovered. This makes it much easier to let go of, as we can't consciously justify them, and those beliefs are left without reinforcements once we root them out.

Everyone having trouble getting into their bodies are having trouble with core beliefs. You are not alone. 

You do have to go through the other 2 layers (conscious & subconscious) to get to the core beliefs, as your unconscious limitations will have created ripples through your intuition and mindset. However, that means you will be holistically clarifying your mental awareness and will see dramatic changes in your health as a result.

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Welcome to the Free your Fit Body Workshop. We are so glad you're here.

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