You are “the Skeptic”

It's hard to live and have (hurtful) experiences without picking up some form of cynicism or another.

Skepticism is a wonderful and necessary trait to have. It's what makes us (adults) capable of taking care of not only outrselves, but also children.

Kids have all of the openness and enjoyment of wonder, but little of the knowledge necessary to have a happy life.

However, when skepticism grows to being highly suspicious, it's no longer rational and turns into cynicism.

This is not your fault. But it is your responsibility.

Gratitude is a practice. It can bring on wonder, joy, excitement while keeping healthy skepticism totally intact.

I am an academic, and I've had the opportunity to work with, socialize amongst, and be mentored by, rockstar scholars. I can tell you that those at the top of their fields are the most open-minded and grateful people I've ever met.

Gratitude is the smart choice.

Your gift below will help you uncover & heal what is limiting your positivity. Begin restoring yourself to faith, wonder and possibility.

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