You are “the Wandering Wonder”

You have probably done some gratitude practice or are naturally optimistic, but you could grow a lot more—and reap the wonder-ful benefits of the beautiful life you deserve.

Positive thinking is a practice we need to cultivate. It doesn't happen on its own.

Perhaps you have a thankful spirit at times, and really feel blessed, but you've had some bad experiences in life and at times your outlook is clouded by negative memories.

This is not your fault, but it is your responsibility.

Given your good foundation, you could easily have an amazing sense of wellbeing and joy with a concentrated practice!

I bet you didn't even KNOW that gratitude affected all of the things we asked you about! Science says it absolutely DOES.

I am an academic, and I've had the opportunity to work with, socialize amongst, and be mentored by, rockstar scholars. I can tell you that those at the top of their fields are the most open-minded and grateful people I've ever met.

We are developing Gratitude tools based on the university of Berkeley's curriculum!

We want you to be involved.

Your gift below will help you uncover & heal what is limiting your positivity. Begin restoring yourself to faith, wonder and possibility.

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Our Unique Guided Meditation Method (MIDI) has been Designed using Data-Backed Therapies to Reset Mindset & Reprogram Your Ideal Reality.

Balance Your Right & Left Brain

Clear Obstacles to Positive Mindset

Feel Comfort & Clarity in your Own Skin

Make Success & Happiness Effortless to Receive


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• 1 MIDI Practice to Heal Holistic Beliefs that Create the Bedrock to Your Incredible Life

• Unique Guided Meditation Method (MIDI) Designed Using Data-Backed, Highly Effective Therapies to Reprogram Deep Beliefs

• Heals & Develops Mental/Emotional Ideal Reality Programming

BONUS: Narrative Exposure Therapy that Incorporates Pre-existing Experiences into your New Framework of Productive, Positive Living!

No Conditions. Just a Growing, Gorgeous Life

Destroy Your Doubts & Get Back on Track to WholeHearted Wellness

Get a support practice to get (and keep you) in a productivity mindset. Turn doubts and constricting experiences into a creative growth experience.

MIDIs are one of our most popular tools. They are one of the Mental/Emotional therapies we have developed, using data-backed methods, to dive into your conscious/subconscious awareness.

This MIDI is a therapeutic mindfulness practice developed using:


Hakomi Experiential Psychology,

Sound Therapy,

Breath Work &

Our Special Guided Meditation Technique

The WholeHearted MIDI will put you back in power in your life, destroy doubts about your worth, and show you the truth (deep within) that you are meant for a happy, healthy, WholeHearted life.