You Need Conscious Mindset Re-Training

A constricting mindset is the archetype working against you the most when it comes to connecting to your Ideal Body Nature.

This is often, if not always, the result of negative connections we have made in our lives. Whether it stems from youth, or was learned later on, this archetype of constricting mindset is a faulty thought pattern you have picked up — it has been imprinted upon you — by someone/something else.

When this answer shows up in your quiz, it is because the ideas and way you've been spoken to were not in line with your highest health. Your conscious mind, in turn, learned to think this false way, accepting it was "true" as a means of preventing being told it was "wrong". Like a recording playing in your head, you also probably speak to yourself in unhelpful ways as well.

The trouble with having this mental force out of whack with your wellness is that it justifies poor decisions, making them seem "rational".

The constricting mindset finds it painful to be objective, because it has endured the pain of being reprimanded so many times in the past. The decisions that seem "right" to this mindset are ones where no risk of being "wrong" is involved. Therefore, it consistently will tell you not to try. This is obviously NOT the way to getting happy or healthy.

The good news is this is the most superficial layer of mind, which means it's easy to spot and it's easy to control. This is the layer of mind you have most agency over.

A positive mindset is the most straightforward training to undergo.

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