You Need Sub-Conscious Reprogramming

Your wounded intuition is the archetype working against you the most when it comes to connecting to your Ideal Body Nature.

This is often, if not always, the result of negative experiences we have had in our lives. Whether it stems from youth, or was experienced later on, this archetype of wounded intuition is a faulty emotional pattern that results in knee-jerk reactions — you have little/no control over — that is a reaction to mistreatment endured in the past.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with a wounded intuition is that it is not your fault, but it is now your responsibility.

When this answer shows up in your quiz, it is because the relationships and way you've been treated were not in line with your highest health. Your subconscious mind, in turn, learned to react overly defensively to 'protect' you from pain and, like a record stuck on a scratch, it will keep giving the same response over and over until it is given a new track to run down.

The trouble with having this mental force out of whack with your wellness is that it 'defends' you against facing what actually needs to be faced to heal. A wounded intuition sees danger in the stress associated with healing & growing because it has experienced pain through dealing with stressful situations in the past.

It makes incredibly beneficial activities and decisions 'feel' dangerous and/or harmful. What is "good" to a wounded intuition is NOT the right thing to make you truly happy or healthy.

The good news is every seemingly 'bad' reaction this wounded intuition archetype has is actually very helpful. It shows us exactly what is wrong. This makes it really easy to heal when you have the right tools. This is the layer of mind that is easiest to heal! It pretty much heals itself when given the chance.

A clear intuition is the easiest strength to grow out of the 3. We are SO happy you've joined us.

Welcome to the Best Body Tutorial! We are so glad you are here.

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