We sanitize our hands, and wash our bodies daily but have you ever considered detoxing your mind? Have you ever sensed you needed to detoxify your life? Self-care is something we commonly talk about, but have you ever really considered how “toxic” environments actually affect you? Or what progress you cold make towards your goals, wellness and happy life if you make a conscious choice to detox your mind, body and even contact list?

You already know how much your environment affects your mind and life. From the uplifting friend who can bring you out of a funk straight up into a more productive mindset, to the eerie feeling hanging in the air when someone’s been talking badly about someone and they walk in, to the extra encouragement you get when you’ve laid out your workout clothes the night before and you hop right out of bed to a clean zone — you already know how much mental, emotional, even energetic surroundings impact you.

Did you know that your environment can go so far as to affect your genes?? Yes. It’s true. If the above wasn’t enough to make you realize that cleaning out that environment on the regular wasn’t a top-tier priority in your wellness plan, let it be known now that your freaking DNA are interacting with all of the environmental noise — good or bad… and it directly affects the way your genes “express” themselves. (CDC.gov)

If all of that wasn’t enough: detoxifying your environment to detox mind and life is also the best way to be the best kind of person in your relationships too. (For real.)

Detoxing your life on the regular is the most compassionate and productive thing you can do for your wellness and the well-being of everyone around you.

Today, I was writing out my family’s “mission statement” with my partner. We had all of these family values listed and we were pairing them in twos. On one side we listed the values important to us both as individuals, on the other we matched them with the corresponding value important to how we treat each other. The really interesting thing we found was that “cleanliness” (keeping our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical spaces clean) corresponded to “fairness” (treating each other justly and with objective consideration).

Your level mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical clarity is a direct link to not only how you feel, but how you treat others. (I’m just throwing that in for the little voice inside most women’s minds telling us that putting our needs first is selfish, thanks patriarchy… and because it’s just neat to think about.)

Any way you slice it, cleaning up your environment — mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically — is absolutely key to holistic wellness and feeling good about your life.

Let’s talk about how to detox your mind to detoxify your life.

1. Do a friend assessment

This falls under the “detox your mind, body and contact list” that fellow Wellness Coach Supa Nova Slom advocates.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been as low as when people who were supposed to be friends were being unkind to me or as secure as when I’m included in a posse of incredible individuals doing their thang and holding space for me to do mine as well. Doing this kind of assessment can be one of the most powerful changes anyone can make. Did you know that up to 95% of your success is dependant on who you hang out with?! That’s what Harvard social psychologist Dr. David McClelland found in his 25 year study! Be aware and be choosie. This is your life and it’s the only one you got.

Detox your Mind Action:
  • make a list of all of the basic/major ways you want to be in connection to other people
    • include actions (like quality time) and traits (like supportive)
  • give them a priority number out of 5 (for me “supportive” would be a 5 and “quality time” might be a 1… we are all different, and have different needs, thank goodness for that!)
  • rate the people around you…

This goes double for family. Sorry, but that old guilt trip about family being indispensable is far from legit. What is truly sacrilege is to keep people around you whom harm you. Just say no. And go.

So, ask yourself: Who do you spend the most time with? Who are the people you most admire? Are those two groups of people the same? Why not?

Dr. Maarten Van Doorn

When in doubt, include (or disclude) social media connections in your circle. One of the most beautiful things in this digital age is being able to find inspiring, uplifting people — that fit us each uniquely and to a tee — no matter where or what we are born into.

2. De-Clutter & Deep Clean your Environment

This is a serious game-changer for me. While working my way around Europe in my teens, I cooked for a Michelin starred chef in Scotland. Every kitchen I’d worked in before then, speed & quality were the only focusses during “service”. One night, we were especially busy. It was one of those nights chefs describe with colourful terms akin to sodomy. My “station” was an absolute mess. I was barely holding it together. And anyone whose ever worked in a kitchen will know that pretty much any head chef would only be concerned with 2 things in that moment: speed & quality.

But this wasn’t just any head chef. This was a Michelin starred culinary rock star.

He stormed over to me, bellowed over my shoulder to stop everything, and said:

“Look at the state of your workstation! This is your MIND. Do nothing else before you clean this up!”

I cleaned it up. Immediately. Giving up precious time for orders (no chef I knew would have allowed it). I then BREEZED through the rest of the absolute sh*t show of a service, and the quality of everything I put out was top notch.

That’s why he’s the king.

Now, the first thing I do in the morning before work, and the last thing I do before clocking off to Netflix and chill at night, is clean the eff up. To this day, nothing makes me feel better than total cleanliness.

A detoxified life via a clean environment has the power to:
  • influence your mood
  • impact your motivation
  • encourage connection
  • reduces stress (the glory of all self-care; see #4)

(University of Minnesota)

Choose cleaning products that make you feel good. Put your pillows in the sun, my dear. Clean up ya act!

3. Plan Visits to a Farmer’s Market (or a Locally Owned Organic Food Store)

You are what you eat, after all! Eat (detoxified) brain food!

There are few things I find more pleasing than enjoying fresh, local and (when possible) organic food. I know, I know, organic food is more expensive… but honestly, if it’s in season, I’ve found farmer’s markets to be either the same or only slightly higher in price than the stuff trucked in from all over the globe at the grocery store!

If the budget part is a real problem for you, try skipping meals out. Or getting bulk deliveries from a local farm. Or both!

Instead of having pleasant deep fried mozzarella sticks and a glass of cheap wine (marked up by 75%) at a restaurant with friends, get yourself some nice artisanal cheese and a bottle of preservative free wine (for the same price)! Believe me, these two options do not feel the same. And neither does the morning after…

Benefits of Organic food:
  • more nutrients (especially antioxidants)
  • more Omega-3 fatty acids (meat & dairy)
  • less toxic metal (esp cadmium)
  • less pesticide residue
Plus you’re supporting:
  • enhanced soil and water quality
  • reduced pollution
  • providing safe, healthy livestock habitats
  • promoting a self-sustaining cycle of resources
  • a conscious, sustainable business model

(Mayo Clinic)

Everything in this list is enhanced when you buy local, because the food is that much fresher, that much more nutrient dense, the impact is felt that much more close to home and you get to put your money directly into a conscious business in your local economy. (Michigan State University) What could feel better?!

4. Schedule a Digital Detox Day

Last but not least, let’s detox your mind and life by bringing you around to feeling like a human instead of a cyborg again. Don’t get me wrong, I love my digital enhancements as much as anyone (except, maybe, Elon Musk), but plugging out makes me feel free to simply be.

It’s in those moments I have my biggest epiphanies, breakthroughs, ideas and my most brilliant brain-children for my development. Talk about a clean and clear head!

Not to mention the digital detox day delivers the ol’ holy grail of self-care: stress relief!

Stress is the biggest indicator of future disease I can think of. It’s also a major bummer in the now. What could be more stress-relieving than unhooking Gmail, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, text messages, and all manner of alerts and badges? Yeeeeh, not much!

Constant Tech use can:
  • be stressful
  • disrupt sleep
  • be linked to mental health concerns
  • negatively impact work/life balance
  • adversely impact contentedness
  • enhance FOMO


Even if you can’t go a whole day every week, try putting down the device when you are:
  • eating meals
  • in bed
  • working (on a project or hobby)
  • spending time with friends or family
  • getting ready to go to sleep at night

I teach wellness and holistic health which focusses on VIBRANCY and not just living without the onset of ILL health. I’m telling you, having a little boundary for yourself to read books, journal, hike, go see friends or a new property, town, museum, is often just what the highest paid well-being Doctor ordered.

This little life detox is definitely going to enhance the quality of your life. Put this mind detox to the test. See how you feel, consider what you can do with the right boundaries. The world is waiting for you to show up rocking yourself like no one else can!


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