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What is “Holistic Health”? Why is it so popular? What makes it any different than traditional healthcare? This is where we get tripped up, and why it’s so hard for many of us to understand “holistic” wellness at first: “Health” is more than the absence of disease. What we currently call “healthcare” is more accurately “sick-care”. Holistic health aims to get you VITAL, alive, exuberant.

Consider your “health” as existing on a spectrum. At one end you are terminally ill, in the middle you are free of illness, and at the other… What does the highest spectrum of health look like to you? Does it include mental clarity, emotional satisfaction, good vibrations & enlightened presence, a fit body and a successful life? Of course it does! That is holistic health.

Health is, by design, Holistic.

Advantages of Holistically Healthy Living

The goal of holistic health & healing is to achieve the highest health attainable on every level of being. Hence the emphasis on mind, body, heart & spirit connectively. In truth, our health, like every other complex system in nature, is reliant on an intricately connected web of synergistic parts — when one is offline, disharmony ensues. Socrates said, in 4th century BC, that treating only one part of the body was useless “for the part can never be well unless the whole is well.” Harmonious alignment, and therefore our highest health, is in the nature of every part of the holistic health puzzle. Health is our nature.

Components of Holistic Health

Holistic health is your personal potential for overall well-being. That includes happiness, of course, and puts how you feel above any other measure. The components of “holistic health” are actually more like ‘the components of truly living’ happily, harmoniously, in line with our potential and our highest version of ourselves.

  1. Emotional: Effective Coping & Relationship Satisfaction
  2. Environmental: Support, Encouragement & Nature
  3. Intellectual: Creativity & Learning
  4. Physical: Health and Vitality
  5. Occupational: Purpose and Service
  6. Spiritual: Purpose and Meaning
  7. Social: Connection & Belonging
  8. Financial: Satisfaction & Basic Needs Met

These 8 components all relate to one another. The most challenging aspect of treating ailments or enhancing wellness with conventional health and medicine practices is the inherent interconnectedness of vitality. Holistic health, and holistic medicine, considers the whole person and how they are relating to their environment.

Benefits of Holistic Healing

The greatest advantages of holistic medicine is in the comprehensive nature of holistic healing. You do not need to be suffering from a “disease” to benefit greatly from holistic health practices. As I mentioned above, being healthy isn’t about a lack of disease. Holistic health measures your level of vitality and satisfaction with your life, your energy levels, self-esteem and confidence on a sliding scale. This means the definition of “health” in holistic terms is a measure of how ideal you feel and your sense of vibrancy.

This is no secret, holistic healing methods should be at the forefront of any health goal you embark upon. The research is all conclusive: our ability to treat disease has little to no effect on our level of health. In fact, modern medicine has had little to no effect on our actual state of health (though it prolongs death, of course, and therefore can increase life expectancy) it has not improved the quality of life (general heath & wellbeing) nor can it until it a holistic approach to healthy lifestyle.

“The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that the key factors influencing an individual’s state of health have not changed significantly over the past 20 years. Quality of medical care is only 10%. Heredity accounts for 18% and environment is 19%. Everyday lifestyle choices are 53%…. The majority of illnesses and premature death can be traced back to lifestyle choices“ (American Holistic Health Association) Maia

Holistic Medicine

When disease or illness do take hold, the principles of holistic health can be applied to help the body heal the disharmony within. The term changes, then, to “holistic medicine”. Sometimes called “Alternative Medicine” or “Complimentary Medicine”, the advantages of holistic medicine are in their gentle, non-invasive yet effective curative properties. Holistic medicine aims to support the body in healing itself, as health is our body’s true nature.

Benefits of Holistic Health and Weight Loss

The American Psychological Association agrees that elements particularly associated with holistic health aid weight loss exponentially.

  1. Self-monitoring.
  2. ‘Accentuated cognitive-behavioral therapy’, or reprogramming patterns of conscious and subconscious behaviour.
  3. Meditation, especially when directed towards mindfulness eating.
  4. Positive body/food therapy, or emotional healing around weight loss. (American Psychological Association)

Even Dr. Phil agrees that the mind-emotion equilibrium mirrors our physical ability to lose weight efficiently. He wrote a whole book about it. Drawing from “empirical research and his 30-plus years of working with obese clients” he concludes that sustainable weight loss is as much an issue of “controlling emotions, environment and personal habits” as it is to more conventional means (American Psychological Association).

Elements of Our Holistic Health & Weight Loss Programs

These conclusive recommendations for weight loss outlined by experts are exactly what my holistic weight loss program does and more. We slow down and develop these strengths and therapies through 4 Districts:

  1. Mental Awareness (self-monitoring)
  2. Emotions’ System (positive body/food therapy)
  3. Energetic Frequency (meditation/intuition)
  4. Physical Presence (behavioural therapy)

These Districts do so much more than these few words could describe, but rest assured the program covers every base and delivers holistic health results.

(Roger Williams University) adds “social” as the fifth element. I would call it “how you share your holistic wellness with the world”!

Imagine being able to share:

Physical Activity

Holistic Nutrition



Peace of Mind

Wholeness of Heart

With the whole world!

What a lovely lifestyle: a LaLee Lifestyle! All of our programs use data-backed holistic methods to provide solutions for specific goals & conditions.

We love you and want to help you love yourself. There is a way. It’s with us. Join us.


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