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How to Stop Negative Thinking: Change your Life Completely with 3 Positive Thinking Exercises


It’s no secret that most of us are experiencing serious bouts of unrest in the world today. Blame climate change, disgraceful economics, charlatan politicians, and human rights abuses if you’d like, but the facts are in: we live in the absolute best time to be alive. So why are we so unhappy?

I think we are changing our lives for the better. We’re growing, evolving, and we crave more — we want to change life completely.

This is a good thing!

We can’t just blame what’s happening on the outside if we really want to change our life for the better.

We have to take responsibility for our part.

Growth Mindset vs. Positive Mindset

One of the most incredible things about developing a growth mindset is that it unleashes our ability to deal with the inevitable challenges we all face when trying to change our life for the better.

Creating a beautiful life isn’t just about developing a positive mindset. On the contrary, focussing solely on positive thinking exercises means we miss a major factor in why we want to change our life in the first place: we need healing.

The benefits of positive thinking are impressive and well-documented.

Longer Life

Less Depression

Less Feelings of Distress

Better Immunity

Better psychological and physical well-being

Better Heart Health

Better Life Skills & Stress Management

(Mayo Clinic)

Everyone, and anyone ,would want one on this list, right? Of course we would. So why would anyone choose to think negatively when we can gain all of these benefits from thinking positively?

It’s incredibly difficult to believe positive thinking, and change your life for the better, when your experiencing the reality of negative things happening.

How to Stop Negative Thinking when You’ve had Negative Experiences

This is where my research and the objectives of our wellness brands completely veers away from the herd. The status quo says to, perhaps, ‘feel through your emotions’ as they arise and, maybe, make some positive choices to adjust a negative situation.

We grab the bull by both horns, accept our challenges, and heal what is truly bothering us.

Nobody is telling us how to derail the negative experiences we are having, uproot our negative thinking at its core, and change our life for the better by both taking responsibility and releasing self-blame.

Negative Thinking isn’t your Fault, it’s your Responsibility

Some spiritual philosophies will say negative experiences are our just dessert, like karma, or a “test” we have to pass. Some new age spiritualism will say we are manifesting bad realities with our negative thinking.

There’s an inch of truth in all of these, and a mile of bull too.

It isn’t your fault that someone treated you improperly. You didn’t deserve to have crappy relationships as a child. You aren’t choosing to relive these situations. Enduring crap is crap — not something you are getting grades for.

The ball is in your court now to draw good boundaries after being treated unkindly. You are now responsible to heal the wounds of your past. All of your hurts will continue to present themselves as a means to finally address and heal what’s actually wrong.

Negative thinking isn’t your fault, it’s your responsibility.

How to Let Go of the Past and be Happy — Change your Life Completely

You can do this. In fact, it’s easier than staying the same (seriously).

It’s easier to be the person you truly want to be than stay here. All you need are the right tools. I’m committed to making those tools.

Journaling is a powerhouse for positive change. If used properly, writing can drastically increase:

a. Goal Achievement

b. Mindfulness & Happiness

c. Emotional Intelligence

d. Physical & Emotional Healing

e. Self-Confidence

f. Healthy Relationships

All of our tools & programs use data-backed solutions to drastically improve your health and wellbeing.

Journalling can be incredibly therapeutic by any means, but using these highly targeted, specific techniques, will skyrocket your ability to exercise positive thinking and change your life for the better.

Develop a Positive Mindset: Positive Thinking Exercises

Grab your journal and work through these healing journal therapies & positive thinking techniques anytime you are experiencing a negative situation. This is a surefire way to stop negative thinking

1. What in you believes you deserve this kind of mistreatment or outcome?

i. What in you feels that you deserve a positive outcome?

ii. What in the world at large shows you that this can be true for you?

2. What in you doesn’t believe you deserve respect, abundance, health, love?

i. What in you senses respect, abundance, health & love are your rights?

ii. What about the world around you supports this sense?

3. What in you thinks positive actions deserve negative outcomes?

i. What shows you that you deserve healthy, abundant, loving, respectful re-actions for every action (positive or negative) you make?

ii. How does this benefit the world as a whole (and make sense for the whole)?

Continue practicing these therapies anytime a challenge arises. These are especially beneficial for when negative experiences are recurring.

Take the Positive Thinking Quiz!

We create guided, easy to use, programs for people to re-write their histories and become co-creators of their destiny.

All you have to do is show up!

Continue to show up for yourself and you can, and will, change your life completely — for the better — and reframe not just negative thinking, but hurtful experiences, to a positive, growing, outlook and life.


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