9 reasons why i cant lose weight

Why Can’t I lose Weight? 9 Reasons you’re Unable to Lose Weight (Despite Diet & Exercise)


Tried every diet and exercise regime but still can’t lose weight despite all that effort? You’re not alone. In spite of all of the hope-filled promises the (billion-dollar) weight loss industry tempts us with each year, the majority of people who are working out and dieting to lose weight fall dismally short of their goals.

If this inefficiency wasn’t bad enough, research is starting to show that these efforts may be harming our ability to get into our ideal bodies. Almost all those who do lose weight using these methods gain it back. Some gain more.

It’s called rebound weight gain and it’s more common than anyone in the fitness industry wants to admit.

Your Inability to Lose Weight Despite Diet and Exercise is NOT Your Fault

I saw a post on Pinterest the other day depicting the diet plans of the Biggest Losers contestants. I wanted to scream “WHY WOULD YOU CARE ABOUT THEIR DIET! THOSE CONTESTANTS GAIN MORE WEIGHT BACK! (Time)

Yet, it’s everywhere. “New diet” this and “join my fitness regime” that. They all claim to be different inside when they’re really just the same old plan just with a new cover. The worst part of it all is: studies are proving that the diet and exercise methods we’ve been sold on are actually harming our efforts to get into our ideal bodies (Obesity Society).

They’re feeding us the WRONG info and we’re gaining weight as a direct result .

I feel this way almost every time I hear something about fad diets: like the Keto of today, or the Atkins of yesteryear (both ineffective, National Library of Medicine). Studies show that eating regularly is more effective than any of these trends (University of Helsinki). I find myself getting furious when I find some always-has-been-thin fitness coach advertising their cardio/weights/interval training for weight loss — I think to myself “WHY don’t people KNOW that these methods don’t work!?” (Psychology Today)

And why, why, WHY, are we being sold the same old tired and harmful story again and again (from people who’ve never even struggled in our position to begin with).

Weight loss isn’t about attacking the weight — it’s about alleviating what’s preventing you from being in your best body.

inability to lose weight despite diet and exercise

Why Can’t I lose Weight?

Your inability to lose weight despite diet and exercise isn’t about your body — it’s about a lopsided game-plan that is trying to find a path through your complex, holistically symbiotic system with a linear 1+2=3 model.

Your body doesn’t work that way (Annals of Internal Medicine).

Whether you are wondering why you can’t lose weight, or how to effectively lose weight without gaining it back, our research has you covered. This is a list of 10 things we’ve found standing in the way on most people’s journeys to their ideal body composition.

1. You’re Stressed

Stress causes weight gain. From releasing to cortisol to preventing healing — stress is absolutely, positively, linked to weight gain. If your new diet or exercise plan is stressing you out, you can’t win using it.

2. You’re Not Breathing Fully

Breathing your way to weight loss — what could be easier? Sounds like a pipe dream, right? It’s actually hard science. You physically lose weight through your breath. That’s right: you breathe out fat. For real.

3. You’re Dehydrated

Hydration, hydration, hydration. Your whole body is reliant on WATER. It makes up 80% of our cells! It’s imperative for ALL bodily functions, but it is also a major component of the fat burning process (on a molecular level).

Of course good health of any kind means good hydration. But dehydration is acutely linked to weight gain. Just like starvation will lead to food stores, dehydration will lead to water stores! Where do you think that water gets stored? Think of a camel’s hump. It’s fat. Nature wants you (and the camel) to survive. Give it what it needs to let go of the excess fat and be chill.

4. You aren’t in Touch with your Authentic Appetite

Intuitive eating was designed for people who couldn’t stick to a diet. It is beginning to prove itself as a much more effective “diet” plan than any we’ve ever seen before. Remember, it’s not the weight gain we need to attack but the reasons we aren’t losing weight —  naturally, without strain —  that need to be addressed.

Using your authentic hunger as a nutritional cue, and curing emotional eating, is a perfect example of releasing a reason our body is preventing weight loss. Getting rid of the diet, healing our emotional wounds around food, and nurturing ourselves with nutrition are precisely the actions necessary to get into your naturally, ideal, body.

5. You Aren’t Resting Enough

In this workaday world, where we can literally be plugged-in, phone-in-hand, 24/7 —  we need to make rest a priority in order for it to happen. Sleep deprivation causes weight gain on myriad levels. From fat-store hormones to decreased energy for workouts — sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on your weight loss pursuits.

Most of your weight is lost in your sleep. Uh-huh. Sound as impressive and hopeful as #2? It is. I told you: weight loss is easy.

You need to rest your muscles, rejuvenate, and restore your entire system every night. Without adequate rest, you’ll gain weight despite diet and exercise.

6. Your Alignment is Off

I studied ballet and yoga for a very long time. What surprised me about doing conventional workouts (even at very good studios) is that there is such little emphasis put on form by most trainers.

Form is everything. I’m not exaggerating. I won’t even DO what a trainer is telling me if I can feel it’s bad form. I won’t risk the injury because I know it’s also useless for my body.

Your muscles, joints, ligaments and skeletal system are designed to move in specific ways. Optimizing your movements with good alignment doesn’t just make your workouts effective (and prevent injuries), proper alignment makes every movement a target toning practice.

Why am I Overweight if my Ideal Body is “Natural”?

There are 3 very good reasons that all of your natural bodily cues for these 6 facets may be mixed up.

  1. You’ve Learned a Constrictive Mindset
  2. You’re Suffering from a Wounded Intuition
  3. You’ve been Programmed with Limiting Core Beliefs

Take the quiz below to find out which Mental Archetype is blocking your best body.

How do I Correct my Ideal Body Nature and Lose Weight for Good?

What makes the cure EASY is that it’s Holistic. Holistic weight loss is balanced and feels GOOD. It doesn’t just attack fat, it improves your whole system, healing what stands in the way of your naturally ideal health. It makes your whole life, your whole self, better.

You Best Body is the Sum of your MASS:

Mindfulness +

Alignment +

Self-Love +

Spiritual Wellness +

= Your Body

This equation is the solution. This formula is what sustainable weight loss looks like. This path is what works: these steps are how to lose weight fast, naturally.

Diet and Exercise are Only Small Pieces of the Weight Loss Puzzle (and even our approach to those needs help)

You don’t need to exercise more. You don’t need to restrict calories. Your body is a brilliant machine and is much smarter than you! You can’t trick it out with linear rationale. Your metabolism will simply change to uphold what your unconscious mind is telling it is the status quo (your set weight).

You need to get what’s holding your best body back out of the way!

The solution to your ideal body, if you can’t lose weight despite diet and exercise, is to change the messages you’re sending to your body.

Change the reasons you’re carrying extra fat and stop attacking yourself and your body for simply doing its job!

Stop attacking the fat, start tackling what will make your naturally ideal body effortless.

Sustainable Weight Loss is Easy

Anyone who has lost weight and kept it off has used the formula of improving their MASS — whether they figured it out intuitively or had help from programs like ours — and the people who are in their best bodies without effort or strain always have been balanced Mentally, Emotionally, Energetically & therefore Physically.

You can be too. You can be living in the effortlessly ideal body. It’s easy … with the right tools on your side — with us.

We’re happy to have you.


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