how to lose weight naturally, holistic weight loss

Want to Lose Weight Fast, Naturally & Permanently at Home? You Need this Holistic Weight Loss Program


If you’ve been reading your way around the fitness world — trying to figure out how to lose weight naturally and permanently — you have likely stumbled across some rhetoric on “holistic” weight loss. Let me introduce you to a real solution: a way to lose weight naturally, at home & remedy what’s actually been preventing you from reducing weight fast. Ditch the diet plan to lose weight. The fastest way to lose weight is to treat your whole body, your whole self, and create a whole life you can feel phenomenal in. We’ve always needed a holistic approach to health, that isn’t new, but the science is only beginning to back that wisdom up now.

How to Lose Weight Fast, Naturally and Permanently — at Home

We have been taught, traditionally, that we need to restrict calories we take in and increase the number of calories we burn to lose weight. The “diet plan to lose weight” mentality is rife. The problem is, dieting is based on an oversimplified view of “what happens” when weight is lost, on a biological level, and it’s not a weight loss solution. “Why” some people lose weight (or don’t have to manage their weight at all) has far more to do with their mental, emotional, spiritual health than the hours they spend at the gym (or the calories they take in). You can easily reduce weight without exercise. And you certainly don’t need a diet plan to lose weight. Your body can regulate itself. The fastest way to lose weight is to recharge and harmonize your holistic health.

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Once you begin harmonizing your holistic health, it is clear how some lose weight in 10 days, how easy it is to lose weight naturally in 2 weeks, why you can ditch the diet plan or “home remedies for weight loss in 2 weeks” that don’t work, the fastest way to lose weight this month (without exercise included) is to get your holistic health in tune with your best body.

As someone who was fed into the cultural dogma, believing we need to wage war with our bodies, I can assure you it is no way to get healthy. The mind-body war mentality is precisely what kept me out of easy, simple health. Fast, easy and permanent weight loss is natural when we step out of the combat zone and into peace with ourselves.

Why is Holistic Weight Loss Popping Up Now?

Why did science miss this crucial element to fast, natural and permanent weight loss? It’s partially due to the linear process the scientific method requires — it’s very difficult to measure holistic approaches to health (including weight loss) so they have been, most often, left out in the past. Western science is also penchant for focussing on treating symptoms, like weight gain, instead of causes — like disharmony between mental, emotional & spiritual bodies — when there is a malady. It is a revelation indeed to see the words “holistic weight loss” show up as often as they do now! Because holistic methods are the only way to truly lose weight quickly, naturally, and permanently. It’s simple.

What is Holistic Weight Loss & How Does it Work?

The simple way to understand holistic health is to think of weight loss as a reprieve. The truth behind excess fat is that it’s not meant to be there. Getting rid of it is relieving the body of an unwanted side effect, a symptom; just like the excess mucus in your lungs when you have a cough or a sinus headache, there are techniques to heal the cause of fat shed this symptom too. A truly holistic weight loss program will provide you the tools, techniques, tips and tricks to lose weight naturally — just like getting over the flu.

How to Lose Weight Naturally: Tips & Components of Natural Weight Loss at Home

It’s true we are collectively becoming aware that a ‘whole-lifestyle’ change is necessary to truly lose weight fast, naturally and permanently at home. Yet, it seems to me, the mental, emotional & spiritual aspects of holistic weight loss still play second fiddle to our obsession with diet and exercise.

Check out the video post: (full transcript available) on what a holistic weight loss program actually consists of.

how to lose weight naturally, holistic weight loss

A Holistic Weight Loss Program — Benefits & Wellness

I took it upon myself to create a pragmatic approach anyone could use to lose weight fast, naturally and permanently by implementing what we know works, yet we haven’t culturally held the wisdom to practice until now — a truly holistic weight loss program that is the easiest, fastest and most natural way to slim down… permanently.

Techniques of My Holistic Weight Loss Program: the Personal Powers

Your weight loss success comes down to the sum of your MASS:

Mindfulness +

Alignment +

Self-Care +

Spirituality =

 Your Capacity to Lose Weight Fast, Naturally and Permanently — Effortlessly

Follow along and I will explain how each of these Personal Powers works to make fast, natural and permanent weight loss effortless.

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Can a Holistic Weight Loss Program Actually Work?

It’s quite simple to understand, yet somehow very hard to believe. We’ve been programmed to think we must distrust and wage a war with ourselves to be healthy, and that losing weight without excessive exercise and restrictive dieting is impossible. I get that it’s hard to swallow, that weight loss could be this easy, even if you *know* it is deep down. I feel you. But let me tell you, this works — and I can explain.

To answer this, ask yourself a few questions: 

a. Do you think the reason, the real reason, you are not in your ideal body is a physical one? Are you physically incapable of the recommended 30 min of light exercise and eating a balanced diet? Probably not. You’re probably fully capable and have vowed to do so countless times before. So…

Why is the “solution” we are always fed physical when the problem is not?

b. Do you know of mental obstacles to your health? Yes? Then you likely have much more than you are not even conscious of.

If you are already aware of mindset, awareness, or self-talk obstacles to your health and wellness — then you already understand your path to wellness doesn’t start at the gym.

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c. Is it possible to get fit and happy without loving yourself? (I know you want to be happy, first and foremost, because it’s fundamental to anyone’s fitness goals.) Can someone get healthy without deeply investing in self-care? Is self-love something you can force or decide to feel? Is anyone capable of truly caring for themselves without first fostering self-love? So again, hitting the gym or dieting in a state outside of love is not only counter productive, it’s potentially harmful. And you can’t just decide to care.

When self-care is missing, a therapy is needed to root out the cause and heal it. A holistic weight loss program starts at the beginning: clearing the obstacles, and nurturing your growth towards self-love and being fit effortlessly.

d. What does being fit mean to you? Really. What would getting slim, lean and healthy mean for your life? Is it simply because you want to impress others? Or be ‘better’ than someone else? No! Of course not! (You know how I know that you want more out of slimming down than that?? Your health and ideal body is natural which means it’s, in essence, the same for all of us! I know what you want because we all want the same thing:) You want to ‘feel’ like ‘yourself’. You want to come at the world in your authentic form. Really relate to it. That authenticity, that Self you sense is slimmer than the self in the mirror, is spiritual.

Every being is a spiritual being. Only holistically co-working, supporting and transforming alongside that spirit Self works to attain easy, fast, natural and permanent weight loss.

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Lose weight fast, naturally & permanently with a holistic weight loss program!

How to Lose Weight Naturally at Home: Step-By-Step Components of a Holistic Weight Loss Program

I designed a holistic weight loss program you can practice at home to lose weight naturally. There are 4 Districts (modules), which are designed to clarify, heal & strengthen each Personal Power. Each District includes comprehensive therapies to:

  • identify & eliminate obstacles to ideal health
  • heal wounds those challenges inflicted on you and your body
  • grow strong into each of the Personal Powers outlined above

Your ideal body composition will emerge, holistically, quickly, naturally and permanently via heightening the sum of your MASS:

1. Mindfulness

Self-awareness opens your doorways to all the other Personal Powers. We use techniques that clear the conscious pathways, and clarify your inner voice, to put you in conscious control of listening to your Ideal Body Nature (your natural, healthy self). IBN, with hep from the program, can then guide you towards everything you need to be your healthiest self (including nutrition & exercise).

Here we equip you with the tools necessary to change — to excel in the rest of your weight loss journey. It’s the foundation to lose weight fast, naturally and permanently .

I use quick & simple techniques I learned from decades of meditation training, positive psychology, yoga, athleticism, and hypnosis.

2. Alignment

Proper alignment with your Ideal Body Nature makes your unique body effortlessly perfect (in its own way). IBN is the only wisdom that can do this for you. Your answers are unique, but everyone needs the same connection. Every practice in my holistic weight loss program works to align you with your IBN. However, we do work on the Personal Power of physical alignment in this District. Just like mental, emotional & spiritual alignment, proper physical alignment is also crucial to your ideal body composition.

Here we make every movement a technique to tone and sculpt your muscles while making you feel graceful and in control of your body, yourself.

The right physical alignment can make every one of your movements tighten and tone your body and skin. In earnest, you don’t need a gym and you never did. (If the gym pleases you, that’s amazing and keep doing it — I like to go once in a while too — it’s just not a necessary facet of living a perfectly healthy life.) I’ve used my ballet and yogic training (over almost 20 years) to observe & compare alignment with other mainstream movement disciplines (like gymnastics and kung fu). I’ll show you the right compilation of the healthiest alignment principles which makes a tight tone body simple.

Every morning a gentle yogic/balletic practice will guide you through proper alignment, physically, while also aligning your body’s ‘expression’ with your purest, healthiest, self. This grounds the internal growth with your external reality helping you lose weight fast, naturally and permanently effortlessly.  

3. Self-Care

Our exercises in mindfulness will inevitably lead you to unhealed emotional wounds. Here, I give you the conscious tools to notice the symptoms of a wound and techniques to heal it. With this new Personal Power we can address emotional wounds that have created blocks to healthy lifestyle and change them.

The lighter your heart becomes, the less your body will feel the need to protect itself with fat and will, in turn, release excess weight (oftentimes we unconsciously believe if we appear bigger, we will seem stronger).

Deep self-love & healing is simple and straightforward once you have the right tools to connect the internal dots. Getting into your ideal body truly is easier than staying where you are now. The hardest part is not knowing how to heal and grow strong in your Personal Powers. That’s essentially what the holistic weight loss program does — it heals, develops and strengthens your Personal Powers so living in your ideal body is natural and effortless.

This is where we find out what your highest excitement is and how to follow it to your best and perfect version of you. It makes natural weight loss techniques joyful. 

4. Spirituality

To be spiritual is to be human. Humans have been discussing the spirit for as long as we have a record of discussions! Our spirit is fundamental to our humanity. And it is largely connected to our energy. Our energy creates our body. We are energy. This isn’t woo-woo, its physics. You are energy and vibrating at a low-frequency means not only bad vibes but bad health.

It is very simple to harmonize with your highest vibration, and get into the fittest body of your life, because it’s your nature. It is your highest health and it is more powerful than any ailment (like excess fat). The only trouble is identifying what causes the bad vibe. The program not only helps you identify this, but clarify it, heal it, and heighten it — growing stronger in the Personal Power of Spirituality.

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Lose weight fast, naturally & permanently with a holistic weight loss program!

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Why this Holistic Weight Loss Program Works: Fast, Easy & Natural Weight Loss — Permanently — At Home

I feel you — I’m saying it’s easy and you ‘know’ it’s hard. I felt that way so often too. I’d experienced it being hard! That was only because I didn’t know what or how to make it easy! If I haven’t had the light switched on in a room, how can I know what’s in it? Consider yourself a fish. Even if someone had mentioned water, even quite a few times, would you understand it? Probably not. It would take someone who had truly figured out how to sense water, another fish like you, to explain it and show you how to understand. This is why you can’t learn how to undo all of the un-ideal pieces of your physical state right now from someone who hasn’t gone through this themselves. Holistic wellness — losing weight fast, naturally and permanently — is easy if shown to you by someone who has gone through the entire process and succeeded. The only way to learn how to get into your ideal body composition effortlessly, by using your natural, holistic health to get there, is by learning the methods from someone who has attained just that. Sign up to my mailing list now for free information to set you on your way.


Lose weight fast, naturally & permanently with a holistic weight loss program! Lose weight fast, naturally & permanently with a holistic weight loss program!

Peace and so much,




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