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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: How to Lose Stress Weight


I‘m back with another little-known, highly effective weight loss tip for a healthy body, healthy mind. This step-by-step guide will help you implement it for your best health — I’ll show you how to lose stress weight now. This simple stress management technique can result in dramatic, healthy, natural and sustainable weight loss.

If you’re anything like me, you won’t even know when stress starts (or how much you’re under until it’s relieved) and this a major danger for weight gain. At times, I won’t even know I’m stressed out until my stress levels are way to high! This is no way to be in my perfect body. So I developed a technique that shapes my days around preventing and treating stress before it happens.

The Relationship Between Stress and Weight Gain

Are you wondering if stress and weight gain are really related? The weight loss research responds with a resounding “Yes!” They are. Stress and weight loss are intricately intertwined and I, unfortunately, have a history with pretty severe anxiety. It was absolutely necessary for me to develop an effective strategy to manage stress so I could enjoy the healthy body, healthy mind life that makes me (and everyone else) so happy.

My lifestyle is on-the-go with lots of goals in the making, and I really enjoy my downtime (a monks’ life sounds great to me), so I needed a stress management strategy that was also incredibly easy. I found it. It is a real solution to losing stress weight, and for weight loss in general — a healthy body really does come from a healthy mind.

My stress hack is a very simple technique I call “bookending”. Bookending will prevent and treat stress before you even know you’re under it.

How Does Stress Cause Weight Gain?

Stress causes weight gain on myriad levels. You have probably read or seen some information around stress and weight gain that explained how emotional eating (or stress eating) is common before, but this is only a small portion of the problem stress poses to getting into your ideal body composition. Emotional eating is certainly one facet of stress and weight gain, but a healthy mind in a healthy body goes far beyond curing emotionally charged stress eating.

The University of Kentucky did a study where they taught one group of people how to eat intuitively and one how to manage general stress. The research done on mindful eating techniques and intuitive eating practices concludes that intuitive eating is highly effective to cure emotional eating and lose weight. It can also help you to make healthy food choices based on your body’s needs and aids digestion. Intuitive or mindful eating is an integral component to a healthy body and healthy mind, but the stress management group blew the intuitive eaters out of the water! Within the control period the stress management group lost an average of 17 pounds more weight than the intuitive eaters.

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

If you’ve ever wished that weight loss and making a healthy lifestyle change could be really, really fun and enjoyable, learning how to lose stress weight is for you. Imagine finding a way to have a more peaceful day, every day of your life, to have a more enjoyable comfortable chilled out lifestyle — and lose weight — by being more grounded and rooted in your calm reality… It really is that simple. Healthy mind, healthy body.

Anxiety and Weight Gain: Cortisol (the Good, the Bad, the Ugly)

There’s a very big difference between the good stress and bad stress. Cortisol is the stress hormone secreted in times of need. It increases performance and is integral to a healthy stress response in a healthy mind & healthy body. When stress is too high (overwhelming) and/or not accompanied by enough time to rest and recoup, it becomes anxiety. When too much cortisol is secreted on a regular basis, it wreaks havoc on your healthy mind and healthy body in a big way.

Anxiety and weight gain are inherently interconnected. If you take nothing else away from this, hear me now: stress is hormonal, weight loss is hormonal. Cortisol “increase(s) your risk of developing insulin resistance, raises your blood sugar, alters your appetite, reduces your ability to burn fat and increases the rate at which you store fat” if it’s secreted without adequate rest between stressors (Dr. Westin Childs). Anxiety and weight gain are very real correlatives.

Good stress can push you to grow; the role of cortisol is to help you rise to that challenge. Too much stress leads to overwhelm, which equates weight gain, poor health, and low quality of life. My bookending stress management technique will help you face positive stress productively and mitigate the negative effects of bad stress. You’ll never have to worry about anxiety and weight gain again.

The bookending technique is the easiest way to lose stress weight and increase your holistic health and quality of life. 

cortisol lose and weight gain

Signs of High Cortisol

  • belly fat (stress and weight gain in the stomach have a high correlation)
  • muffin top
  • stretch marks (that’s right stretch marks are hormonal, which is why they happen at puberty, pregnancy, bodybuilding — when hormones change)
  • you’re tired but wired
  • you’re tired in the morning when you wake up
  • you feel brain fog; you can’t concentrate
  • slow healing or recovery
  • mood swings
  • sugar cravings
  • indigestion (this is one of my first ‘tells’ when I’m having anxiety)

The Best Stress Management Strategy: Morning Routines & Evening Routines

These are huge buzzwords right now: “morning routine” and “evening routine”. Why? Because they work. Highly effective individuals have a morning routine and an evening routine. If you speak to supermodels, they’ve got a set morning routine and a night routine — you better believe it is healthy and stress managing.

How to Lose Stress Weight: Tips & a Solution

The secret behind my bookending technique is that it’s really simple and really pleasurable to put the routines into place and lose stress weight. When you start managing your stress on this level, creating these mindful practices, extra fat literally melts off of you daily. It’s really, really quick. I’ll show you how to lose stress weight easily, but when the problem lies deeper than daily stress — the solution necessarily needs to delve deeper too.

Sometimes the real trouble losing weight lies in not being able to overcome the underlying reasons for the stress and anxiety you are already under in order to properly administer a lifestyle change to a healthy body through a healthy mind.

Breaking the Pattern of Anxiety for a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Breaking the cycle or pattern of stress can be extremely difficult for many of us. For me, anxiety was at times part of my understanding of reality. If you’re under a whole bunch of stress for a long period of time, it creates a system of stress that is hardwired into your mental and bodily experience (via neural pathways and your parasympathetic nervous system). This makes it very difficult to “just do it” when you try to make a change towards a healthy body and a healthy mind.

The bookending technique is so simple, when administered it can literally change your life overnight. If you are currently in the position I was in, where making a lasting healthy lifestyle change like this is very difficult, because of a pattern of anxiety and stress, when you’ve tried and not succeeded multiple times — I’ve still got your back. I created a super intensive program that addresses the very deep-seated reasons why you can’t “just do it” to heal, cure and nurture your growth past these obstacles. It is the first of its kind, but based wholly on data-backed, proven methods for holistic health and wellness.

If you have emotional, energetic, unconscious or even physical blocks to being the best version of yourself, I highly recommend taking this course. It will uproot the reasons for you not being able to just do you, just be the healthiest you, so that you can finally let go of this extra weight and get into the perfect body you envision.

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My Opening Bookend: Morning Routine


1 Cuddle

The incredible natural hormone oxytocin (or “the cuddle hormone”) reduces stress and eases anxiety (LifeHack).

Whether you cuddle a person or a pillow, oxytocin will help mitigate the damage cortisol can do and relieve tension. You don’t need a partner to do this. You can cuddle your pillow or a stuffy, just make sure to ease into the day in a healthy mind, healthy body by cuddling when you wake up. Start to call upon good loving feelings: *you’re supported, the universe loves you, that you’re comfy in your bed*. Feel all of those good warm feelings with your body. The positive impact this can have on your day is amazing. It doesn’t take very long, just a couple of minutes to wake yourself up right, then sit up in your bed.

2 Meditate

The miracle cure-all for stress, meditation is tops for both preventing and treating stress (WebMD).  

It doesn’t take long to mentally prepare yourself for an awesome day. Sit up cross-legged in your bed and follow a meditation. Get my free morning routine, my guided bookend to start your day, by signing up to my email list below or follow one of your favourites.

3 Visualize 

Creative visualization is an integral part of goal achievement and can help you dramatically reduce stress or make healthy lifestyle changes (PsychCentral).

Visualization is a mental kind of working-out, an exercise that is so powerful the most elite athletes depend upon it for their greatest feats. High achievers, like Olympians and record setters, routinely use visualization to train their mental game. In even the most stressful situations, when performance seems totally reliant on the body, visualization is a crucial step to achieving those goals! If you are ambitious,  visualize the outcomes you want. If you are at high risk of stress in your day ahead, imagine possible stressors and how you will effectively deal with them before they happen.

4 Stretch

Lengthening the muscles relieves tension and increases blood flow for extra energy and vitality (HealthyWomen).

Yoga is incredible for this. If you don’t have time for the gym, or are like me and like a gentle wake-up stretch, get my quick morning mindset, breathing exercise & guided bookending technique for free!

How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety: Calm, Peaceful, High Quality Life

This morning routine is one of two bookends that will help you manage and deal with stress and anxiety. No one and nothing can mess with someone who’s vibing on this — after you’ve set intentions, done meditation, visualization, woke up with love — when you start your day like this you’ll have high-performing yogi brain, you’ll be in the zone and ready to go; you’ll be the positive, proactive and productive citizen of the world you know you are and you’ll be able to get out there and be awesome.

healthy mind in a healthy body

The evening routine bookend is just as important to your high quality day as the morning. In the first bookend, you’re opening up to the world, you’re slowly unfurling and blossoming into your day. In the evening, you’re going to do the opposite. This stress management technique is called bookending because you encapsulate your day between foundational support systems, so your days are not a continuum of your month, year, or a lifetime of stressful things building up: you can actually rest at night and are able to encapsulate each moment to give it your full attention.

Bookending induces presence and authenticity by freeing up your mental-emotional space to react spontaneously, truly, and to hone in on the real you. 

My Closing Bookend: Evening Routine


5 Clear the Surfaces

Clearing the surfaces sends a signal to the brain that “the work is done” which relieves worry and disengages concern (PsychologyToday).

Clutter can be extremely anxiety provoking. Cleaning up your desk after work, your dishes and the kitchen after dinner, finally your bathroom/bedroom before you tuck in to bed will not only give you an immediate sense of relief and signal a kind of ‘holiday’ vibe for your mind, it will also set you up to wake up to a completely brand new, clear and clutter-free day tomorrow. It’s literally a double-edged clean slate.

6 Switch off Media

Scientists say “psychological detachment” is a must to relieve stress and relax (WorktoLive)

Psychological detachment can be a means to feeling free. In short, whatever kinds of work or social life you lead, switching off will grant you permission to be free from immediate care and worry for the outside world. Regular practice will ground you in the present moment and give you a chance to recoup from a very switched-on world. Switching off an hour before bed is also recommended for a good night’s sleep. As we know, sleep is integral to stress management and overall health.

7 Write a To-Do List or Journal

Journalling is a powerful way to reduce (treat) overwhelming stress (HealthLine), and clearing your mental to-dos by jotting them down gives you time to recoup from good stress throughout the day. 

Think of Dumbledore and his pensieve: by recording his memories elsewhere, he had more space to think. By writing down a to-do list at the end of your day, you no longer need to worry about tomorrow. Jot down your thoughts, groceries, calls you need to make etc. to clear space in your brain to process everything you’ve learned and grow. Journalling is also an unmatched tool (data-backed by research) to process mental-emotional ‘stuff’ (even trauma). Whether the stuff swirling around your brain is practical or ethereal, write it down to free up your mental faculties to heal (like muscles after exercise).

A Healthy Mind Lives in a Healthy Body Proverb

“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.” This English proverb is often interpreted to mean that mental health necessitates physical care for oneself. While I fully agree with that sentiment, the healthy mind, healthy body proverb also rings true to our ears because the road to a healthy body is literally paved by tender loving care of our mental emotional reality.

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I hope this post helps you on your path to a healthier, more vital version of you (the real you) and you subscribe to my YouTube channel or mailing list to get more info and unconventional tips on how you can get into the body of our dreams by dramatically improving your life.

To your healthy body, healthy mind!

Take care,


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