Harvest the Benefits of Intuitive Eating: Ideal Body, Peace of Mind & Harmony


Ihow you eat affecting your body composition more than what you eat? Studies suggest that, yes, where diets fall short to produce long-term health (weight loss) benefits, intuitive eating practices are picking up the slack and providing real, sustainable results. So why are we still collectively struggling in bodies we don’t like? How can we make intuitive eating work for us? These are important questions, and in this article I’ll provide some answers. The results of intuitive eating are slaying long-term calorie restriction and slowly proving that the only truly effective way to long-term health is through re-establishing close connection between the mind and body.

benefits of intuitive eating

Proven Benefits of Intuitive Eating

A compilation of 24 peer reviewed studies on intuitive or mindful eating found, in both short & long-term studies, a correlation of:

  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Physical Activity
  • Reduced Eating Disorders ( including binge eating, and symptoms of anorexia)
  • Decreased Restrictive Dieting
  • Increased Better Eating Habits
  • Improved Self-Love (even decreased negative Self-Talk)
  • Improved Depression & Anxiety
  • Decreased Cholesterol Levels, Blood Pressure

(National Library of Medicine, NIH)

What Makes Intuitive Eating Work?

Your ideal health is natural. Within you, a primal healthy drive is hidden — I call it the Ideal Body Nature (IBN). IBN is what makes children, animals and anyone else living in their ideal bodies, effortlessly healthy. Intuitive eating is a major aspect of establishing relationship with IBN: your authentic hunger, your pure primal craving for nourishment, aligns with your highest health. What you really want to eat is most healthy for you. Intuitive eating gets in touch with that inner knowing, so you can make food choices according to your authentic needs, for your unique body, in every specific moment in time, to eat ideally with the greatest joy — and healthful success.

Why Do Emotional Eating, Anxiety Eating, Stress Eating and Binge Eating All Feel Like Authentic Hunger?

Why, if IBN is so innate, do we end up emotional eating? Why is binge eating such an epidemic? Why, if intuition tells us what we are truly craving, do we eat our emotions? We stress eat, anxiety eat, and eat when we are bored. Why, if ideal body composition is so natural, after discovering the practice of intuitive eating, we still haven’t stopped emotional eating for good or ended obesity? The answer is simple, and multi-faceted, as is the solution: We are too multi-layered to focus only on one realm — we need a many faceted approach to get into our ideal health. Let me explain.

Your Ideal health is as Simple as: 1,2,3

I know this sounds complex, and it is, which is why it took me so long to create a pragmatic approach to address all of these facets (that isn’t a full-time job for you to practice)! I made a program which goes through, layer by layer, to purify, heal, grow and strengthen each of your Personal Powers. It gets you into your healthiest self with ease.

There Are 3 Ways We Can “Know” Something

  1. Logic (Conscious — Objective — Knowledge)
  2. Feeling (Subconscious — Both — Intuitive)
  3. Experience (Unconscious — Subjective — Instinct)

These 3 aspects make up your decision making processes.

How to Stop Emotional Eating & Get in-Tune with Natural Health: Logic, Intuition & Instinct

Logic is great. It can look at research and get wise about what’s comparatively good for us. It can also pick up myths and read incomplete research. This can be incredibly disorienting when we are trying to seek what’s ‘true’ for our health. When we get all caught up in thinking we ‘know’ what is ‘healthy’ or not based on conscious logic we are missing much of the whole.

Logic makes up the smallest part of the healthy diet pie. The numbers from study to study differ (anywhere from 2% – 10%) but they all agree that what our conscious mind controls is the smallest piece of the puzzle.

Instinct Can Either Betray Us or Cure Us of Disordered Eating Patterns

Experience is also wonderful because we can learn about our unique health requirements from our reaction to foods. Intuitive eating relies on this. What gets tricky about knowing just through the unconscious, or instinct, is that experiences can be muddled in our understanding. Some of our deep senses were inherited and no longer relevant, some of what we feel is ‘bad’ or ‘good’ on this level is simply programming — someone else’s deep beliefs that imprinted themselves on us — sometimes our messages have been internally mixed up. In order to eat truly mindfully, and end emotional eating for good, we have to get clear about what our instinct actually is. We need to heal our unconscious.

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Stop Emotional Eating, Heal Anxiety & Manage Stress — Better Health

In the middle of these two, unconscious instinct and conscious knowledge, there is our go-between: the subconscious, or, our intuition. Intuition is a wonderful tool. It is where our greatest insights come from. Whether you’re a scientist or someone on a health journey, your intuition is the voice which will speak most wisely. It meshes objective and subjective knowing. It’s where intuitive eating gets its power to deliver all of the benefits above. And it can deliver us much more, if we know how to direct it, intuition can be used to heal the unconscious — it can be our direct line to IBN.

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Intuition, like logic and instinct, can of course also be tampered with. It is deeply interwoven with emotions. This is what makes emotional cravings for food seem authentic. It’s actually where these two signals (hunger and emotional yearning) get mixed up in the first place! Intuitive eating is shown to have incredible benefits, but healing, purifying and strengthening the intuition can deliver you to your dream body — easily.

How to eat intuitively.

Intuitive Eating Stop Emotional eating NowIntuitive Eating for More than Health: Ideal Body Composition

The reason intuitive eating isn’t delivering ideal health on all counts is that in order to truly intuit what is in your highest health, in order to want and crave what is truly in your best interest to eat, the conscious and unconscious minds both have to be rinsed clean.

Intuition cannot work on its own. It is a communicative tool, which makes it a powerhouse of information, but it operates in tandem with all of the other layers of your mind. Plus, just to make it a bit more confusing, intuition, logic and instinct operate through all of the layers that makes human: emotions & spirit are as important to the health puzzle as mind and body. Harmonizing all of these aspects is all you need to get into your ideal body — then, and only then, can ideal health become effortless.

The Tool that Makes Intuitive Eating Highly Effective: Ideal Body Composition Comprehensive

IBCC uses ratified therapies to delve into every aspect which could be deterring you from natural, ideal health. The program then trains you how to direct these new powers towards the 6 external principles ratified to create ideal body composition (based on research and the expertise of leaders in the field — those hired by supermodels etc.) It makes you health goals effortless. And puts you in a position where you can intuitively eat, workout, sleep, and be at peace.

You can get the quiz, and find out what the 6 practical facets are, here.

Get into Your Best Health Now

All you need are the right tools to uncover where the different aspects of your mind are being diverted from your ideal body composition and what patterns don’t align with your Ideal Body Nature — I’ve developed 3 simple types of therapies to address every one of these issues and harmonize the mix-up within. You can blossom into your true nature, your ideal body, your purest self. With the right practices, this the easiest thing to attain (and keep): you were meant to live in great health.

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I made this so you can go out and live a better life, do more, love more and be the change. I didn’t do this to make money. This is my way of giving back — so you can go out and do the same. We have been worrying about ourselves long enough. It’s time to get clear and break free. It’s time to enjoy this life and really experience the authentic lives we are meant to live.

For now, get in on the email list for tips, insights and more on ideal health and getting authentic with yourself to achieve your best — let’s slay our goals.

Intuitive Eating: stop emotional eating now

Intuitive Eating: stop emotional eating now

Intuitive Eating: stop emotional eating now