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How Subconscious Mind Reprogramming Can Change your Body Shape


Ever wonder why some people are effortlessly slim while others can’t lose weight any way or how? Why do we oftentimes blame “genetics” when only 5% of overweight people are genetically predisposed? There is a major contributing factor, which is largely inherited from family, that is so complex and multifaceted it is almost impossible to study given current research methods: the unconscious mind. Subconscious mind reprogramming can play a major role in changing body shape, losing weight and dramatically increasing energy levels.

I’ve designed a revolutionary holistic health program, which incorporates subconscious mind reprogramming, as I’m convinced this approach is the only one that works.

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How the Subconscious Mind Affects Body Composition: Metabolism

Your unconscious mind regulates essentially all of your bodily functions. From breathing to energy production, your subconscious is in charge. That includes metabolic rate and body composition (your fat to bone & muscle ratio). Much of what we colloquially attribute to genetics is, in fact, more closely linked to unconscious programming than DNA.

Considering this, we have in some way inherited our body compositions, our energy levels — our health — from our parents, but our final outcome is, luckily, very much in our power to divert. In a 1970 comparative analysis of the effectiveness of multiple psychological therapies on behaviour, habits & thought patterns, subconscious mind reprogramming proved to have a 93% success rate after a very short time compared with a 72% success rate using behavioural therapy in almost 4 times as long! Psychotherapy showed a dismal 38% rate after 10 times as many sessions as subconscious mind reprogramming techniques! (Research Gate)

Even our conscious minds can dramatically alter our hormonal responses to food. Imagine what we can do with a program which uses both conscious and unconscious therapies! My program does this and so much more to help you change you body shape for good.

Try a mini subconscious therapy for free here:

subconscious reprogramming for weight loss

Psychological Blocks to Weight Loss: Changing Your Genetics

Have you ever decided to make healthy lifestyle changes but couldn’t? Psychological blocks to weight loss are real. Our unconscious minds are running the show — our conscious minds don’t get to simply decide how we’re going to physically be and what we’ll want to do or eat or how much energy we’ll produce. A psychological block to weight loss can manifest itself in a slow metabolism, hormonal imbalances, increased appetite and even lethargy. Body processes are largely reliant on how the unconscious mind has organized itself — how the subconscious mind has been programmed to view reality is how it has learned to behave. The more we research weight loss, the more connections are discovered between mind and body composition.

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Genetics don’t dictate your ability to lose weight. Recently the Journal of Clinical Investigation reported that less than 5% of obese individuals are genetically predisposed to excessive weight gain. Time reports on this study explaining “weight is the complex combination of a multitude of different metabolic processes [like] brain systems that regulate appetite [and] enzymes that control how efficiently calories are turned from food into energy” (my emphasis). What we often blame our inheritance for is more likely subconscious programming than genetics.

Subconscious mind reprogramming is one aspect of the multifaceted program I’ve developed called the Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive. This holistic weight loss program is designed to address every reason outside a medical condition which any person could have for holding excess weight: Mentally, Emotionally, Energetically & Physically.

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Genetic Expression and the Subconscious Mind

We have a plethora of DNA and only a handful of these genetics get “expressed”. Which DNA affect our bodies is called “DNA expression”. Did you know that your DNA is like an enormous buffet? Your body is the plate. We can absolutely direct our fate.

There are many facets to body composition, I’m trying not oversimplify the process, but your unconscious mind is the guiding the framework. This and every other area of consequence to ideal body composition is addressed by my Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive. With the right tools and procedures, you can dramatically alter your body composition, even get into your perfect body, without any strain whatsoever.

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Subconscious Mind Reprogramming to Change Body Shape

Have you ever tried working out a bunch and eating really healthy but didn’t change your body shape? Unfortunately, this is more normal than not. Most people who try to lose weight using the current methods gain it all back. Indeed quite a large portion (the majority) gain back more. The current fitness fad of over-exercise and restrictive dieting actually harm your metabolism and damage it — sometimes permanently. That’s why I developed IBCC: my therapies address both the foundational reasons for excessive fat storage as well as initiate personalized inspiration for healthy lifestyle changes unique to your body needs.

If this sounds complex, it is! I’ve been studying and experimenting my whole life to bring this to you. And although the science behind it is excruciatingly complex, the practices are so simple, and the program is so easy to do, you’ll be astounded at what a piece of cake it is to practice. And IBCC is so inexpensive! Compared to other products, especially considering what it is (something so far beyond anything else on the market for efficacy) anyone struggling with body positivity can’t afford not to join. The therapies in it can similarly cost many thousands of dollars. I made a conscious decision to price it as low as possible because I’m tired of health being a luxury — everyone deserves to live in a body they are comfortable in — you deserve the body you were meant to be in; a body you love to give love with.

Find out more about the Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive today.

Take this quiz to see which of the 6 aspects of weight loss you need to focus on most (and which are your strengths).

Peace and so much, LL

SUBCONSCIOUS mind reprogramming weight loss

SUBCONSCIOUS mind reprogramming weight loss

SUBCONSCIOUS mind reprogramming weight loss



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    1. Laura-Lee

      My apologies Ivy. It must have been a misdirect. The only subconscious mind reprogramming I have published info on at present is directed towards body image & composition (although it is all related anyhow and most reprogramming deals with childhood mis-programming specifically). The best I can direct you to here is this post on developing boundaries. With childhood trauma, the first step is to claim a non-negtiiable space for yourself to be safe. We create it with boundaries.

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