Body Recomposition: Why People are Calling it the New Weight Loss


Body Recomposition isn’t about weight loss. To be honest, losing weight should never have been our goal. You can dramatically change your how you look and feel (your body composition) without losing weight. “Weight loss” was never about weight, the goal in our minds has always been about losing fat and gaining muscle.

What people actually want to achieve when they say “weight loss” is ideal body composition; our body goals are more about vitality, how we feel and how we move in our bodies — it’s about the uniquely ideal fat-to-muscle ratio your bone structure is made for.

Maybe that’s why the weight loss industry has gotten so many of their body recomp methods all wrong: they never had the right vision to begin with.

Body Recomposition — Change Your Body Shape — What is it?

Body recomposition is, essentially, reformatting your fat-to-muscle ratio (in relation to your bone structure). It is a step beyond the erroneous goal of “weight loss”; it takes into consideration one major distinction anyone with health goals should note: fat weighs less than muscle.

“Losing weight” isn’t necessarily a healthy goal at all (or the result of a healthy lifestyle change). You can lose more weight atrophying muscle than shedding fat. Many people can alter their body composition dramatically (losing multiple inches) while remaining the same weight.

You can alter your body shape body drastically — ie. body recomposition — getting healthier and leaner, looking and feeling great, while not losing a pound in the process.

Of course, most people do actually lose weight using my Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive. What concerns me is more about what we mean when we say we want to “lose weight”. Getting clear about our goals is key to achieving them at long last.

We mean “body recomposition” when we say “weight loss” and programs like the Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive are the only courses which target our body goals accurately.

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Ideal Body Composition: How to Define Your Body Goals

Most people referring to a body composition calculator talk about body fat percentage and use the BFP prescribed guidelines. They define what percentage is “obese” and what is “athletic” but those are still gross generalizations that ignore unique body shape and personal ideal body composition. These definitions are not comprehensive.

They’re far more accurate than deciding what your ideal body is by weight, or calculating body mass index, but those definitions also place a body type like Kim Kardashian’s in the (almost) obese section.

Adhering to generalizations of body image are futile. Only you can decide your ideal body recomposition.

Body Recomp: Is It Healthy?

Body “recomp” originated in bodybuilding. Bodybuilders used an intense cycling of diet and body recomposition workouts to change the shape of their bodies. It was imperative for them to change their body composition without losing weight. They needed to retain their muscle.

They discovered the body could undergo massive transformation without losing a pound. Traditional body recomposition workouts or diet plans are not intended for long term weight loss. They certainly are not a healthy way to live. Plus, they aren’t the greatest tools for a female wanting a long, lean body, because “body recomping” relies heavily on increasing muscle bulk.

Body recomp principles can be applied to a more holistic & feminine approach, and can be an excellent tool to lose fat, and shed inches, without obsessing over “losing weight”.

A good health program, like the Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive will cater to your needs, according to your body goals, and provides tools to help you rid yourself of all of this hogwash about how much a “healthy body” weighs.

You know what your healthiest self looks like — you see that person in your minds eye — your highest health is your Nature! You know it better than anyone.

Do not ever let anyone else tell you what framework your body composition should fit into. Why? Because your body is unique.

Your ideal body recomposition is defined by your Ideal Body Nature and it is the only voice of authority you should truly listen to.

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(Disclaimer: If you think you may be suffering from an eating disorder, please seek professional help here, so they can help you get in touch with your true self, and you can start listening to your Ideal Body Nature too.)

The Best Body Recomposition Program: Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive

Getting in touch with your Ideal Body Nature is easy; your best self connects to you in daydreams all of the time. Aligning with that deep inner nature is a challenge in our society today. Our culture programs us to turn away from inner knowing. If you’re worried about your body shape — then you need a different kind of wisdom to connect you to your deep inner knowledge.

Your Ideal Body Nature is the simple, easy and effortless key to getting into your ideal body for good.

The best body recomp program will provide you the wisdom, therapies & practices you need to get you in touch with your Ideal Body Nature. The best body recomp program will focus on sustainable weight loss so living in you ideal body composition can become your effortless reality.

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Holistic Weight Loss: Once You Know How to Connect to IBN — Getting Fit is Easier than Staying the Same

Does this sound crazy? Sustainable weight loss is easier than being overweight? It’s not. Holistic weight loss is the simplest kind.

Let’s just be clear: the Ideal Body Composition program is not an exercise or diet plan. Your ideal body can’t be attained that way. IBCC is about personal growth and a happier, healthy lifestyle. Your path to health should bring you great joy.

When your health goals doesn’t bring you excitement, when you’re forcing yourself to do exercises you don’t want to, or restricting your diet and suppressing your appetite, that isn’t sustainable — you’re doing more harm than good.

We need to develop the clearest, most loving, relationship with our bodies to develop our highest health. That’s holistic weight loss. That’s how we lose weight sustainably. Ideal body composition is a matter of reconnecting to your truest, most natural, self — not pushing your body further away by force!

The only way to  your ideal body recomposition is through self-love.

Getting into Your Ideal Body Composition: the Sum of MASS





Sustainable weight loss happens when we change the way our mind,  heart & spirit relate to our body — this is key to overall vitality. Your best body is actually the easiest one to have!

Just like healthy children and animals, your ideal body is your nature.

Why Some People Live in their Ideal Bodies Effortlessly

It is true, you and I know, that many people are already in tune with their IBN, are aligned with their authentic appetite, do activities which give them pleasure, and it gives them the freedom to live in their ideal body composition, effortlessly. We see it all of the time.

(As much as the media complains that super models starve themselves, I’ve researched it and they don’t. It’s preposterous really — the same models we accuse of starving-to-be-thin were discovered and recruited in those bodies. Most models are chosen for their specific body type & composition. We are all unique and models’ bodies are rare. That’s why it’s so important to think about your unique body composition and not weight loss.)

We know being effortlessly ideal is not only possible, it’s the norm in nature. Think about it: animals & children don’t need to worry about their weight — our Nature is as perfect as it is effortless. Our unique personal beauty is natural.

Someone already living aligned with their IBN can’t explain it. So many fitness plans were made by people who have either never truly struggled with being overweight or are still struggling against their nature to keep fat-gain at bay.

You wouldn’t want to live your life restricting calories or doing harsh workouts you hate. And someone who hasn’t struggled cannot show you the way out. Someone who used to struggled with their weight, and studied how these natural bodies operate, can explain to you exactly how they got out.

Why Diets & Exercise Plans Don’t Work for You

We flock to exceptional bodies to tell us how they do it. Understandable. But how can a fish explain to us how they breathe underwater? It has no idea how. It just does. No one can teach you what they never had to learn. This is why fitness plans which work for their creators don’t work for you: either they’ve always been fit, they’ve always been in touch with their IBN, or they’ve found a unique relationship to the activities they are doing which works for them.

IBCC isn’t like that. My programs are practical guides and they’ve been painstakingly developed by me to get you in touch with your IBN — because I’ve done it.

It is the simplest thing to do, yet it took me almost 20 years because the wisdom is so scattered — I had to collect it all over the world, then dissect it, just to put it into hard practice and prove I really had found the answer.

There is a way to rid yourself of the struggle, to achieve ideal body recomposition and free yourself! The biggest benefit of getting into your ideal body composition is not having to worry about it any longer! Imagine you could stop focussing on yourself because of insecurity —  able to truly connect and act on any one of your goals — to really be there for people who need you! Once you stop worrying about you, you can focus on expressing yourself in whatever way you want!

Everything in my life changed when my body did. Your career, relationships, creative pursuits — all of it improves dramatically when you get physically free. You can get there for good. With little effort and no strain.

Check out our full range of weight loss programs here. 

I hope you like it and hop on board.

Peace and so much LL


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Body Recomposition

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