Can Mindfulness, Proper Alignment Self-Care & Spirituality Tighten & Tone Your Body?

Is physical alignment the secret weapon to tightening and toning the body effortlessly? Can proper form turn everyday movements into whole-body conditioning? Is alignment responsible for making or breaking our capacity for Ideal Body Composition? Find out as I wrap up my 4 week alternative fat loss experiment.
Is physical alignment the secret weapon to tightening and toning the body effortlessly? Can proper form turn everyday movements into whole-body conditioning? Is alignment responsible for making or breaking our capacity for Ideal Body Composition? Find out as I wrap up my 4 week alternative fat loss experiment.

Here are the results from the most recent research into weight loss. Mindfulness, Alignment, Self-Care & Spirituality play a major role in how much weight you can lose. This 4 week test will show you the results.

Week 4 question was: Can physical alignment tighten and tone your body through everyday movements? Is alignment the maker or breaker of our capacity for Ideal Body Composition? Is this a secret arsenal effortlessly healthy bodies naturally employ? Can proper alignment turn all of your movements into adequate exercise for toning up and getting into your tight, lean self without strain?

This was the last research question I experimented with in the last module of my 4 week UpRoots Wellness Journey.weight loss research

Before I share this findings, let’s recap. Each week I studied whether these Personal Powers would result in fat loss. You can see the results by clicking on the districts below:

WEEK #1: Mental Awareness (Mindfulness)

WEEK #2: Emotions Systems (Self-Care)

WEEK #3: Energetic Frequency (Spirituality)

WEEK #4: Physical Presence (Alignment)

The outcome of the entirety of the Wellness Journey is … drum roll (!) I fit in my size zeros by day 28.

Size zero, Day 28

I’m seriously blown away by what happened during this challenge; I knew theoretically that my Ideal Body Composition practices would really work… but I wasn’t prepared for how potently it could surmount all of the hurdles to fat loss I faced. I went from a size 4 to a size zeros… all while eating out constantly and not being able to keep a schedule or workout. How? Let’s Explore.

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First, the Questions:

I was sure the program could be a powerful tool to help anyone who really put effort towards fat loss, but I wondered whether it could be effective if someone couldn’t (or didn’t) really put effort towards getting fit in the traditional sense. I also wanted to know whether anyone could commit the daily practices 3 times a week (a morning mindfulness practice, a nightly deep relaxation exercise, self-awareness during the day & gentle movement therapy) no matter how crazy their schedule. Compressing the program and doing my experiment with it under the craziest of circumstances would answer these concerns:

  1. Could the Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive work dramatically to lose fat regardless of diet or exercise?
  2. Can anyone commit to the daily practices regardless of pressure from other commitments?

Answer: Yes. Look at my results. Then see the challenges I was up against (below).

These are my size 2 trousers Week 1, 2 & 4.

(All the bottoms used in this experiment are made by the same manufacturer, so sizing is cohesive.)

And my Size 4 Jeans Day 1 & Day 28

Second, the Challenges:

I tested the Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive at the worst possible time. I also set out to lose the hardest fat to lose, colloquially known as the “last ten pounds”. It’s usually the “hardest” goal to accomplish according to the fitness industry and people who lose weight. I’m also already a practitioner of the program (of course, lol) so these practices wouldn’t be a novel new thing to my body — a dramatic response would be much harder for me to accomplish with the program than someone starting fresh. The idea was to test the program against what the fitness industry would deem impossible odds:

  1. I was travelling: I moved house 6 times!
  2. I ate out at almost every meal for 3/4 weeks.
  3. I wanted to eat everything as it was all new (and did).
  4. There was no way to have dietary restrictions.
  5. I met up with my partner after a 4 month absence and we celebrated heartily with food and drink (late nights and many feasts)!
  6. It was impossible to keep any kind of a schedule.
  7. I already use the program in a manner — it is not new or novel and I already manage my weight with it — my body was already pretty much ideal.
  8. I only had the last-ten-pounds fat left, the most challenging weight to lose.
  9. I aimed to drop from a size 4 to a size 0 in 1/3 of the time the program normally takes.
  10. The Final Outcome:

Size Zero on Day 28 vs. Day 1 of My UpRoots Wellness Journey 

I did it. I am still in shock and amazement because there was an entire week that I gapped on one of the most important practices (the RUMIs—nightly deep relaxation) and I stopped making any progress in light of all of the challenges mentioned. [See the VLOG post here, or BLOG here] But putting the program to work in the following week got me completely back on track! I not only started making progress again, I caught up and made up for the progress lost that week!! What was more amazing is that I was actually falling asleep through most of the RUMI practices — and they still worked. Absolutely amazing.

Finally, is Physical Alignment the Real Work in Tightening and Toning the Body?

The Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive works closely on alignment during the Body Modis (gentle physical therapies) throughout the program. But it is the Physical Alignment district where we bring our previous practices of mindfulness, self-care & presence to correct our physical alignment in our everyday tasks. Not only does this feel phenomenal, it has incredible toning effects. I’ve learned what ideal human alignment is through my multi faceted training in yoga and ballet. When I’ve compared my findings to very major discipline I could find (Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Gymnastics, Pilates) the same core principles applied to all of them. I surmise the principles I’ve found actually prevent injury too. I’ve found that when I tire physically it is most often poor alignment that urges my body to stop — not fatigue. You can not only draw on more energy for activities, but my alignment principles make those activities more effective. Without proper alignment, exercise doesn’t work the way that it should. With proper alignment, every movement becomes a conditioning activity.

Check Out the Difference in Week 4: Using Physical Alignment to Tighten and Tone.

Answer: yes. I’ve Uncovered Physical Alignment Principles, Across Disciplines, that Rewrite Our Capabilities.

Physical alignment goes beyond the principle of body alignment I teach. It also branches out into your life, actions, environment, surroundings — your entire presence. We don’t just align the body to work more efficiently, we align your entire physical presence to operate in synched harmony. I can’t say enough about how much this program has helped me. (ME! The creator!) I really did not expect how much more it had to teach me. But these practices are developed using cutting edge science blended with ancient wisdoms — I guess to assume I understand them fully or have benefitted as much as I could from them is folly.

I’m still learning. I’m still growing. I’m still UpRooting and gaining the personal power to be a potent co-creator in my own life. I guess that journey will never end. if you’d like to join me on this journey, sign up below to get the beta tester deal on the program (50% off) and make the decision to grow yourself … with me.


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