Is Mindfulness the Missing Link to Easy & Sustainable Weight Loss?

Could mindfulness be the overlooked component of easy and sustainable weight loss? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to achieve easy & sustainable weight loss, or remain in the naturally ideal bodies, without strain — while others seem to struggle against an overwhelming current to good health?

Although our social feeds are inundated with diet & exercise info, the research actually backs up what is plain for us to see — diets and exercise are not the key to easy, sustainable, weight loss. In fact, the research suggests these measures actually hinder your efforts long-term. If you work out more to lose weight, you will have to continue escalating your workouts to keep the weight off (in most cases). If you diet, you will have to continually restrict to fewer & fewer calories (which becomes impossible) as your body adjusts to the changes you’ve made in your diet. (Article on the Research.)

Sounds futile, right? No, of course it isn’t! You want to be healthy and in your ideal body, that means it’s natural and you’re meant to have it! I’ve been focussed on researching real wight loss solutions for the ultimate longterm health & wellness methods so I could design a program that’s easy to follow and gives you real, sustainable results.

The Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive

I created an easy, unique course on how to get into your best self using the latest health & medical research blended with my own academic study on human happiness & goal attainment. Instead of explaining the program, the multitude of science & practice behind it, I’m going to show you. I’m embarking on a “28 Days in May Challenge” consolidating this 12 week program into 4 weeks so I can explain it to you in stages while recording the results. I have just begun the first day in the first week!

Week #1: Mental Awareness (Mindfulness)

Module #2: Emotions Systems

Module #3: Energetic Frequency

Module #4: Physical Presence

Check out my VLOG on Mindfulness & Sustainable Weight Loss Below!

As I explained in the video I am facing a number of challenges:

  1. I am travelling.
  2. I am moving house 4 – 5 times in 4 weeks.
  3. I am meeting up my partner after a long absence.
  4. We are going on vacation celebrating being together (with food & drinks to be sure).
  5. I am sort of a lazy, low key glutton to begin with.
  6. We are going to be trying all kinds of sweets and new foods.
  7. It’s going to be nearly impossible for me to keep a schedule.
  8. I’m already kind of on the program — I mean, I designed it on to manage my own weight effectively, I won’t have as dramatic results as someone else would.
  9. I aim to drop 2 dress sizes which would take me from a size 4 to a size 0 — which represents that dreaded toning up stage of weight loss — this is where even most effective weight losers struggle the hardest.


SIZE 0, Day 1

Click the pics to see my final results.

SIZE 0, Week 1

Check out my size 0, WEEK 2 pics here!!

And here’s a link to WEEK 3!

*Update*: The final pics are here!

SIZE 0, Week 1 (2)

Why have I done this to myself??

Because if I can accomplish THIS anyone can! If I can do this, there’s NOTHING holding you back! Plus I want to use my clothes, not buy new ones. It’s part of the way I choose to live my life.

SIZE 2, Day 1

SIZE 2, Day 1

Check out my Size 2, WEEK 2 pics here!!

*Update*: See the final results by following this link.SIZE 2, Day 1

Why Hasn’t Science Figured Sustainable Weight Loss Out Already?

The reason science has such an awfully hard time coming up with a sustainable weight loss answer is, simply put, because science needs to dissect cause & effect whereas sustainable weight loss solutions are holistic & multifaceted. The truth is, the scientific method isn’t currently equipped to even analyze what is required for a naturally ideal body composition.

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You are an incredibly complex individual. We have no idea why something like stress can cause unlimited malaise in the body anymore than we comprehend how mindfully breathing could combat that devil of a symptom, easefuly, in seconds. Magic? Kind of…

SIZE 4, Day 1

SIZE 4, day 1*Update*: the end of my experiment shows amazing results.

SIZE 4, day 1


MINDFULNESS Journey: Week 1, Day 1

This week’s focus is on self-awareness. The first morning mindfulness practice really woke me up gently, yet I’m alert and ready to start my day positively. I opted out of coffee and went for tea (unlike me). The narrative therapy journal exercises made me feel incredibly uplifted and even just one day committing to this program I feel like getting to this goal is going to be easy.

Excerpt from the course:

“Our conscious minds govern where our awareness is directed and how adequately fuelled our decisions are. Practicing [the IBCC Program] is the first step in gathering the knowledge to live in the easeful health of your natural being.”

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I’m super stoked to be doing this challenge because it’s really levelling me up — taking directions (even from myself) is making me more accountable. I feel following my directions will actually make practicing mindfulness for weight loss much simpler. The morning video of mild movement therapies were amazing to follow along with… even though I designed this program, and practiced these movement therapies thousands of times, it feels so sacred to just listen and take direction in this way. I feel like I’m receiving health in some weird way (instead of creating it). I have a schedule, direction, reminders & a goal — it’s like my life just got a whole lot easier — I feel really incredible about this 28 day commitment/challenge/journey in a way I did not expect.

Check out my WEEK 2 update on the experiment here!!

WEEK 3 link here!


I can’t say too much after just one day, but make sure to subscribe here to get more info on the program and updates on this challenge. If you’re sick of the industry banging its head against the diet & exercise brick wall & not making any advances — join me in finding a real solution to easy, sustainable weight loss.

*Update*: the final results are in. Check out what happened here!

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If youre having trouble losing weight, you may want ot check out this article outlining a health and wellness program that explores the missing links in weight loss research.
If you have ever had trouble losing weight, you may want to check out this article outlining a health and wellness program that explores the missing links in weight loss research.

If youre having trouble losing weight, you may want ot check out this article outlining a health and wellness program that explores the missing links in weight loss research.

If youre having trouble getting a fit, toned body, you may want to check out this article exploring a health and wellness course that fills the missing gaps in fitness research.