Awaken Your Power this Summer: Make Lasting, Healthy, Lifestyle Change

Awaken your power this Summer Solstice — use this epic time to harness the high sun towards your goals of healthy lifestyle change. Follow these 4 steps to get fit, have fun and free your spirit this summer to live the full life you deserve.

Awaken your power on the Summer Solstice — it’s an epic time to harness solar power in your pursuits to a fit body, more energy and better health. That’s why I’m releasing a guided program to help you get fit, have fun and free your mind … for good! (And offering a special solstice deal… more on that later.) I’m using the power of the solstice too! To make positive lifestyle change an easy task. Is this the summer you choose to live the lifestyle you deserve? These 4 steps will help you start off your healthy lifestyle change potently using the power of the Summer Solstice to free your fierceness and slim down!

All Successful Endeavours Rely on What I Call the Sum of MASS

Self Care

Everything you dream of doing is effortless if the Sum of MASS is balanced and applied appropriately. Follow these 4 steps to get fit, have fun and free your spirit this summer to live the lifestyle you deserve. The sun in Astrology and Paganism is about power & expansion — Summer is when we are the happiest, according to psychology, and are therefore more likely to be successful taking on new endeavours.

1.  Out with the Old, in with the New! (Self-Care)

The Summer Solstice is an apex in the year where days are longest, we have risen up to our brightest potential, in this light what we truly need is clearly illuminated. In this same vein, what no longer serves us will be just as glaring — the time is nigh to detoxify any part of your day-to-day that constricts your potential. Be it preprogrammed Self Talk that diminishes your self-worth, or frenemies who dampen your inspiration to be a better version of you, or compulsions like emotional eating that turn you inward in a negative way and deter you from better health — your path upwards starts with letting go of all that holds you back. Let the sun’s majesty help you. Invite it in.

a. Try a Spring clean, Summer style! Now that the light is brightest, it is more clear than ever that some things we thought we needed can easily be done without. Clean out your closets, donate old clothes, deep clean the house and see how refreshed you feel.

b. Journal out some of the emotional & mental constrictions holding you back from your true potential, your highest health, the best version of you. Look at them objectively. Is it reasonable, in this light, to keep ahold of them?

(I realize it isn’t as easy as it sounds to just simply let go of downtrodding beliefs, and there is help for you in this article — just keep reading.

2.  Set Intentions (Mindfulness)

What do you want to accomplish for your health going forward? How will you make that come to pass? Please ditch the dieting and over-exercise model force-fed to us from the results of short-term research. We want long-term solutions (thank you very much) and what research shows is that only healthy lifestyle change works to make a lasting impact on our beautiful bodies. Make the first step by deciding. The sun’s energy hones in on selfhood. This makes personal goals clearer now than any other time of the year. Take advantage of this. Get proactive. Make a plan.

a. This may sound out-there, but routines (to me) are the most freeing and overlooked aspects of massive lifestyle evolution. The best part is, they’re like ladders that just keep climbing and climbing every wrung you put your foot on. A good morning and evening routine can dramatically improve your entire health & wellbeing.

b. Your routines don’t need to be drastic in any way to make enormous positive impact. Check out what adding a simple morning and evening mindfulness/relaxation practice did to my body composition over 28 days. Routines like these can feel incredibly liberating to be honest — simple and easy habits like doing a deep relaxation before going to sleep at night or doing gentle yoga upon waking can free your mind of worry and set you up for an incredible day, everyday — it’s the repetition that packs the powerhouse of bettering your health & body.

My techniques are the result of years of professional research & guidance, but they are still easy and simple to practice, commitment to showing up for yourself is the real work to getting fit — awaken your power and free your soul little by little with wisdom … and a plan.

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3.  Get in Touch with Nature (Spirituality)

An aspect of health I feel is in dire need of recognition is this: it’s our nature. Ideal health is what every cell of our bodies was meant to do, be, attain. Every part of you is pumped now to make a healthy lifestyle change. That’s why committing to the decision to get fit on the Summer Solstice is such a prime opportunity — vibrancy is at a peak and it’s drawing us out and upwards to a state of instinctive health. It’s our nature to be healthy & whole — to be lean and in our Ideal Body.

a. Plan a hike, a trail-run or other outing gets you into nature. Take time in the garden, get your senses involved by digging in the dirt, smelling flowers you pass by or just reaching out and touching plants! Study your animal friends. Eckhart Tolle once said

“I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.”

See for yourself how effortless complete health & vitality is through getting your nature vibe on. It’s yours too! We’re all animals and we are all natural beings. Highest health is our most primal state.

b. Bring 2 & 3 together by turning these recommendations into a routine! My favourite: blend healthy practices, get all the fun, use half the time. The sun rules creative energy. Plan to be productive and to create more & more energy for your life and body goals (see what I’m talking about in 4).

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4.  Take Inspired Action (Alignment)

Do you know what your true potential is? Seriously, has anyone ever shown you precisely what you were meant to be? What you’re destined for? That’s the first step to taking inspired action.

a. Sit back and close your eyes, focus on your breath (follow it in and out) until you are completely at peace and your mind’s eye is turned inward. Now picture your perfect version of yourself.

b. What are you like? What does your body look like, feel like? How do you feel in it? Stay there a moment and let this truth sink in: that is your destiny. That version of you is the Real you (the You who has self-actualized) and you are meant to be that, live that, feel that way. Inside, you have the all the inspiration necessary to get you there, it just takes some help & guidance to sort through the conflicting messages received from outside through childhood until now. A practice makes minor work of a major healthy lifestyle change.

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Pro tip: it’s actually easier to do the inspired action than not — getting the kind of clarity described above is the only part that takes willpower — getting into your ideal body is easy, sorting through constricting energies (within and without) takes guidance. But you have the Summer Solstice on your side to gain better health! Let its expansive, forceful & authoritative nature bring out your fierceness. Say goodbye to constrictions that hold you back from the best physical, mental, emotional & energetic health of your life.

Awaken Your Power this Summer Solstice for Healthy Change

The more energy you put out, the more energy your body creates. This is true on every level of fitness and at every stage of life. Healing is also necessary to accompany inspired action and recover vitality, introspection too, both are primary components of my Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive, but big strides towards better health is in the air at this very moment. The time is nigh, at the apex of the sun’s orbit around the earth, for using the expansive Summer Solstice energy to make big moves towards losing fat, toning up, getting fit or whatever your better health goals are.

If you’d like to Beta test the program as part of your solstice commitment to healthy lifestyle change, sign up here for one of a limited supply of 50% off codes!

Happy Solstice!

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