FINALLY. A Holistic Mindfulness Weight Loss Program


mindfulness weight loss program

mindfulness weight loss program

mindfulness weight loss program

mindfulness weight loss program

After science has fully acknowledged that diet and exercise do not work longterm, but mindfulness does, it’s high time someone provided you with a real solution. Finally, a holistic mindfulness weight loss program has been born.

My Story: Effortless Ideal Body Composition is More than a Fairytale

Mindfulness is fast becoming a diet trend (and for good reason), but there is so much more self-awareness can do in a holistic mindfulness weight loss program. Let me explain how it is being used by other weight loss programs now, and how I have learned to benefit from this powerful tool beyond that.

My mindfulness weight loss program is literally the product of a decade of private & professional research. And the practices have been developed over almost 20 years of discipline (yoga and ballet are influences and I trained in both from childhood). Even though I was a healthy, active and fit young woman — I struggled with being unhappy about my weight for years. For as long as I can remember I have felt uncomfortable in my body. Having a small frame, I could pull off being overweight easily and was constantly told I “looked great”. But this wasn’t the end of my story. I knew health had to be effortless, it’s our nature, and without the proper guidance in the fitness industry I was lost as to how to make my ideal body composition my reality — naturally, without strain.

News flash: it doesn’t matter how you look, ideal body composition is about how you feel, and only you can be the judge of whether or not your body is awesome.

[Disclaimer: Some mental health issues can skew your perception of your body. If you think you may have a disorder, please seek help with a professional. Mindfulness can, however, do wonders to aid rehabilitation if you’re ready.]

Mindfulness Lose Weight

Proven Ways A Mindfulness Weight Loss Program Works

a. Eat less — ability to feel full better (UofW School of Medicine & Public Health)
b. Cures emotional eating patterns (Science Direct)
c. Increases physical activity (Appetite, Intl’ Research Journal)
d. Enhances general wellbeing (Annals of Behavioural Medicine)
e. Increases happiness (Berkeley Science Review)

Ways My Mindfulness Practice Expands Upon These: Potent, Holistic & Lasting Wellness

i. Diminishes negative self talk.
ii. Enhances positive internal reinforcement.
iii. Uses mindfulness to clarify personal goals & attainment.

iv. Develops awareness of blocks and directs it to healing.
v. Creates better alignment in movement so less activity = more benefit (plus decreased risk of injury).
vi. Increases grace.
vii. Develops intuition.
viii. Empowers you to choose the foods activities you truly want.

Your Dream Body is Your Destiny — the Real You

I wasn’t in my ideal body composition before. I didn’t feel right in my skin. I could also feel that the solution was simple. I knew the right mindset was a gateway to this easy, sustainable, ideal body I was after … but I also never felt right forcing myself to “think positively”. I wanted my natural ideal body and that meant effortless.

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Forcing anything on your mind or body is, all-in-all, bad news. That’s why diet and exercise plans you hate do not work. Or when you find a diet or exercise regime you love, but can’t stick with it: it’s because it’s not possible to simply decide your will is going to bend towards what you choose it will. It’s not even healthy to force yourself to think or do anything (even if it’s a “healthy” decision). Your ideal body composition must come naturally from within. And it does (that’s why you’re reading this article). You just have to clear the way for it to come through totally.

The more awareness you can give to your self, the faster this change can happen. And all of that begins: with mindfulness.

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Your Ideal Body is Natural: Say Hello to Your Ideal Body Nature

Your Ideal Body Nature is where your sense of your ideal body composition (the one you feel would make you most comfortable) comes from. In the VLOG post above, there is a mini-exercise to get in touch with your IBN. Once you feel it, you’ll recognize it. It’s the inner wisdom that says your healthiest self is your natural self. This deep inner knowing is what makes being out of your ideal body feel unfair and unjust: that’s why no one could tell me I “looked great” and make me feel better. Everyone has an Ideal Body Nature and it is as unique as you are.

IBN is also the most powerful guide to every decision and activity that will make your ideal body effortless. But like positive thinking, you can’t just force it. If it seems like you desire things that are unhealthy for you, it isn’t that your IBN doesn’t work, it simply means that there is something on top of it that needs to be healed. Every desire of yours , your true desire, will lead you to your ideal body composition. Most of us have layers of built up stuff on top of our IBN making our true appetites, energy levels, pleasures, turn twisted or upside down!

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Mindfulness is the First Personal Power of Your Ideal Body Nature

The proven benefits of mindfulness are staggering. It has the power to annihilate emotional eating: stress eating & anxiety eating can and are being cured forever from very simple practices. But it also has the power to support and enhance personal growth. All the weight loss literature can deduce is that healthy lifestyle changes are the common denominator in sustainable weight loss. The ability to bring self-awareness to your inner desire means you can get in touch with your IBN guide, make goals that are unique to you and your healthy nature, then act accordingly — making decisions you truly crave.

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If you’ve decided before to stick with a healthy lifestyle change but have fallen short, this program can help. In it we go through setbacks and why they happen. There are daily therapies to clear major blocks to good decision making, but also simple remedies you can apply anytime to clarify, heal & strengthen your communication with what you really want — what your IBN is craving.

Healthy Weight Loss is Little More than Self-Awareness + Wisdom

There is one major aspect of ideal body composition not discussed yet, and that is the unconscious mind. Simply put, your unconscious mind creates your body composition and metabolic rate. That’s why it sometimes seems as if genetics is playing a role — our families have enormous impact on our unconscious programming. Science has concluded genes don’t play a role in ability to lose weight. My mindfulness weight loss program is the most holistic therapy to reprogram the unconscious mind I’ve come across. All you need to do is have the mindfulness to choose to practice the therapies.

Sustainable Weight Loss is the Only Kind We Want

Real, sustainable weight loss requires a change. A big one. Your unconscious programming has to be reworked. Your relationship to yourself has to grow. Your connection to the world has to heal. Your energy has to be cleansed. There is a succinct prescription within the program for every single one of these challenges, and all you need to do is bring your mindfulness to the fore.

The Best, Fast Weight Loss Program is Better than You Think

We are all looking for a quick fix. That’s because there is one! It’s as easy as taking a pill, but the cure comes from within. We know it through our Ideal Body Nature intuitively. That’s why we keep searching for it. Mindfulness is the first step, and the only one you’ll ever have to take on your own.

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Fast Weight Loss Plans Exist: We Know it Intuitively

There are 4 Personal Powers, balancing these is the easiest and most effortless way to get into your ideal body composition. Getting into harmony is as quick as you make it — by directing your awareness. See my experience after using the program for 4 weeks (while I ate everything everywhere and celebrated with my honey every day) here.

Mindfulness Weight loss

Beauty = the Sum of MASS — the 4 Personal Powers:


Balance and strength through these 4 powers results in the easiest weight loss; the best, fast weight loss program imaginable. And this harmony results in the healthiest weight loss: sustainable weight loss.

Knowing this, I scoured the methods available in both Eastern and Western wisdom. I found therapies and clues to heal and grow strong in all 4 powers. I studied the ancients and modern alike for the answers to creating this harmony — for easy and sustainable weight loss. It took me years. But through these methods, I created practical applications with the proven insight I found. I blended them with my own expertise and physical training in yoga and ballet. This mindfulness weight loss program incorporates every necessary aspect of ideal body composition and heals each layer which can hinder us from intuitively choosing these aspects ourselves.

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I Call it the Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive

(Because You’re Ready for a Different Approach)

The Ideal Body Composition Comprehensive is the most comprehensive wellness program on the market. Enrol in my perfect body mindset introductory course for free now. 

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And so much LL <3

mindfulness weight loss

mindfulness weight loss program