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Have you ever wondered what Holistic Weight Loss is all about? How does it work?Who is it for? Can weight loss therapy be the answer for you? Is there a way to practice weight loss therapy at home? Why is it different than any other type of weight loss method? How do I practice it? If so, you are in luck. Check out my latest VLOG post about, you guessed it,  my holistic weight loss program.

Holistic Weight Loss Program: on the VLOG

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BEGIN Transcript
Hello I am Laura-Lee from LaLee Lifestyle and I’m here today to explain to you what holistic weight-loss is and how you can put it to work to get to your ideal body composition.

Welcome back I am so stoked to be here with you guys, you have no idea, I just came back from a live Q&A, where I was fielding live questions from an audience who wanted insights from my research as to how they can implement [what I’ve found] to lose weight and why they were gaining weight.

I wanted to bring to you the most frequently asked questions, the number one, best, most insightful question I got, as well as explain to you what a holistic weight loss program is and why it seems impossible for you to lose weight sometimes.

I’m gonna wrap that up by explaining to you the easy way to an ideal body composition.

An Authority in the Holistic Health & Wellness Field

So, my name is Laura-Lee Bowers, I was actually an Academic before I turned to blogging, and all of my programs are based on an academic theory that essentially explains inspiration and touches on human purpose… but instead of continuing writing this academic theory in, you know, the white ‘ivory towers’ of academia where it’s not really accessible to anybody, I decided to take the theory and put it into — actual — practical guides so people could implement them to make all of their biggest goals come true.

The number one goal that my theory really changed for me, one of the biggest practical applications of it for me, was getting into my ideal body composition effortlessly.

The comfort I feel now, in my life, and just, you know, in my body, moving around in general, just generally living is such a phenomenal gift I feel I’ve attained, I am completely committed to bringing it [that comfort] to you.

So without further ado: what is holistic weight loss? Holistic weight loss is essentially a way of looking at being overweight, or carrying extra fat — being outside of your ideal body composition — as a way of seeing that as a symptom and not as a malady in and of itself.

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Holistic Weight Loss is a Different Way of Seeing Health

Of course being overweight can create all kinds of different issues, you know, from health, mental health, emotional health, spiritual health etc. but often the solution to weight loss, [the solution to] actually losing the extra fat, is also found in those areas. So instead of looking at [fat] as an isolated thing that’s happening to my body, [thinking] “my body is carrying extra fat therefore I need to do something to my body to lose weight”, that is a very secluded, isolated way of looking at a holistic problem. So holistic weight loss looks at the mental, emotional, spiritual or energetic and physical reasons why someone would be loading on extra weight.

The solution [to weight loss], therefore, goes far beyond diet and exercise — which is incredible because the research is suggesting that diet and exercise alone doesn’t actually work long-term (Time.com). (It’s kind of the biggest myth in the whole health and fitness industry.)

The Most Insightful Weight Loss Question

Which brings me to the number one, most insightful question I got asked this live Q&A: Someone asked me what I feel the biggest myth in the health and fitness industry is which my research is demystifying. I thought on it for a second, it kind of floored me, I didn’t know how to respond, then all of the sudden it came to me: The biggest myth in the fitness

industry is this whole “you need to diet exercising in order to lose weight” [mentality] but my research isn’t debunking that — the research that that is the case, that diet exercise don’t work, is available in large quantities all over the place you can look for it I can link it below — but the biggest myth that my research is currently demystifying, the biggest myth is that we have to be at war with our bodies!

My Natural Health Research

When it came to me, I started realizing how many messages we get every single day to be at war with our bodies. We’re having all of these issues, especially women, with body positivity, and we’re blaming the media etc. for showing us skinny

women, when really all of the health and wellness industry is telling us to starve ourselves — that we can’t trust our bodies. Even the research on why diet and exercise doesn’t work comes down to this feudal message that our metabolism is going to completely trick us out, and what our body does is against our natural, healthy, well reality. That is totally bogus!

If you want body positivity, start having a good relationship with your body! That [includes] all of its functions, that means your appetite, that means the way of you move, that means, you know, how you honour your feelings, that means the thoughts in your head. This is your whole self! Body positivity is about actually getting realistically proactive, being productive about how you relate to yourself, to your body.

Lose Weight Easily via Body Positivity

Now I’m going to explain a really easy way to deal with this [to lose weight naturally through body positivity] in a very very simple way — to get back into a good relationship with your body, so that you can have your ideal body composition effortlessly — just like water flowing downstream. That’s the allegory or metaphor I always use. But first I’m going to explain to you why it feels impossible sometimes to lose weight.

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Why it Feels Impossible to Lose Weight

The reason it feels impossible [to lose weight] is the same reason that the research comes back displaying to us why diet and exercise doesn’t work! Basically, it does come down to calories in calories out, sort of, equation. That means the calories that you take into your body have to be burned in some way in order to not store extra fat. What extra fat is is calories stored. I know you probably all know this, you probably heard it, it’s been drilled into your mind so many times but what [researchers are] finding is that if you diet you stop burning as many calories as you were before you’re dieting. So what happens is your metabolism will slow down to make up for the reduction [in calories] and what happens if you exercise, the same thing goes with your metabolism; your metabolism can actually slow it down, if you’re exercising a bunch, to make up for the extra calories that you’re burning for fuel. Your metabolism will actually make up for that.

How Long Term Weight Loss is Possible

Now that doesn’t happen all the time. Some people do lose weight long-term and we’re going to talk about the solution to this — it’s a lot easier than it seems — but first you can understand how it seems really futile and why it almost seems like you need to be at war with your body. There’s two ways for you to control the calories in calories out equation:

1. The things that you do — so you can control calories you take in with how much you eat or you can control, sort of, to a certain extent, how many calories you burn through exercise and physical activity. And having lean muscle mass will increase your metabolic rate, in theory.

2. The other side of it is [the rate of] your metabolism itself.

So what we’re finding is that change on [1] side — what we do — very often will be mirrored by a change in our metabolism [side 2].

So it seems impossible sometimes, it seems almost futile to even try. A lot of the research is actually coming back saying that people that have gone on diets can harm their metabolism so much that it’s theoretically better for them to have never gone on a diet before at all. Looking at that situation, it kind of seems like, “yeah, you’re at war with your body”, right? But that isn’t the case at all.

If you look at it a little bit closer, your metabolism is actually trying to take care of you; it’s actually trying to resolve this change that’s being made on the outside, and the easy way to resolve this whole situation is actually getting onside with your metabolism — to go in and change your metabolic rate.

Changing Your Metabolic Rate: Mind Over Health Matter

Now that sounds quite impossible right? This is why it feels impossible sometimes to get into our ideal body composition, but I assure you it is easier than it sounds.

A study was done at Columbia where the scientists made milkshakes. Some of the milkshakes were labeled super high cal, extra fatty treat [620 calories] and then another one was given this like health food name and [labeled as] super low cal [140 calories] super food. What they found when they put the exact same milk shake [380 calories] in both cups is that the people who drank the [one labeled as] super high calorie — their metabolisms fired up. Their metabolisms started working away at that milkshake as if they’d just taken in this huge fatty [high] calorie drink. What they found with the [other, low calorie labeled milkshake] is the [participants’] metabolisms went to work on that same exact milkshake in a way that suggested they’d eaten a low calorie food (Stanford.edu).

This is huge. This is huge because our conscious minds actually don’t really fully have control over our metabolism as far as we know. What we know is that our unconscious mind has the most control over our metabolism and is majorly responsible for our metabolic rate, our body composition etc. and makes those kinds of decisions. Seeing this kind of research come back showing how much our conscious minds — which only control about 10% of mental activity in general — to see that this small piece of our minds can make such a huge impact is very, very encouraging. It goes hand-in-hand with my theory, with a holistic weight loss program being the answer to losing weight. The way of viewing weight loss when you’re looking at it holistically, it goes hand in hand [with the research] because your mentality, your mind, it completely factors in [to losing weight in a major way — a way that can provide real solutions to lose weight permanently].

A Holistic Weight Loss Program

The difference between my practical programs [and simple mindset training] is that we go into emotional well-being as well. How your emotions, and how your emotional body or emotional self, factors in to weight gain.

Your energy, on a physiological level, your actual frequency of the matter of your body, plus your spirituality [are all factors addressed in my holistic weight loss program and are necessary to lose weight]. We are all spiritual beings. Every human being on this planet is also a spiritual being. We factor in those aspects — that self — that reality, because it is a layer of [weight loss] reality. I mean energy is creating your matter, it’s a huge piece of this puzzle.

Plus, your physicality is also [addressed in my holistic weight loss program]: we look in to diet and exercise, to your sleep habits etc. There’s six, actual, physical, facets that go into weight loss that not many people know about! Most people only know about two!

The Easy Way to Sustainable Weight Loss: Holistic Health Changes Metabolism, Enhances Mood, Increases Energy

The easy way to get into your idea body composition is to change your metabolism, which requires a focus on a lot of the mental aspects of [body] weight. the easy way to get into your higher body composition effortlessly, and to stay that way, is holistic weight loss.

Mental, emotional, energetic and physical reasons for [your weight gain need to be addressed] because the thing is you’re not fat you’re carrying extra fat — that is a symptom, that is in your sense 0f identity, that isn’t who you are. And you don’t need to go to war with your body. That isn’t what your body is either. What carrying extra fat tells us is: there are some issues [in one or all of the layers of your self]. Usually if there’s an issue on one layer [mental, emotional, energetic, physical], it goes through all the other layers [because health isholistic by design]. So we’re looking at a symptom [when we look at fat].

There are very simple easy ways to address this and we can easily cure this, and get you super happy, super fit, super healthy, super fun, super alive, if we just really get open-minded and see [losing weight] as a holistic issue. And address all of the parts, of all the facets, all of the pieces of you that are really screaming for attention, like “hey, I need some help!” [Helping ourselves in this way] becomes a joy, so we don’t have to feel like we’re at war with ourselves anymore we don’t have to feel like something is working against us, we can actually slip into that river and flow downstream to the ocean where we’re supposed to go, which is:

Ideal health,

Your ideal body composition,

You’re worth it,

You deserve this.  

 END Transcript

lose weight naturally at home

Holistic weight loss is about seeing weight gain for what it actually is: a symptom, not a malady in and of itself. When we root out the causes of weight gain, we can actually treat it at the root. A holistic weight loss program diagnoses and treats the disharmony that creates fat storage. A complete holistic weight loss program will grow through all the many levels of you — your true Self & your Personal Powers — to identify what weaknesses are causing excess fat storage, where the disharmony which impedes your metabolism comes from, and how to heal it so you can be your natural, lean, strong self easily.

Techniques of My Holistic Weight Loss Program: the Personal Powers

Your weight loss success comes down to the sum of your MASS:

Mindfulness +

Alignment +

Self-Care +

Spirituality =

 Your Capacity to Lose Weight Fast, Naturally and Permanently — Effortlessly

By letting go of the maladies within, we can reset your metabolism to function in natural high health.  Your quality of life will improve, you’ll lose weight for good, you’ll desire a healthy lifestyle that’s right for you, and these changes will happen sustainably.

Once we UpRoot the cause of being overweight, we can fill the empty space with strength. We will heighten your metabolism, improve body positivity, confidence and joie de vivre, all through enjoyable self-care. You can grow into the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Once the program heals each of your Personal Powers and how it affects you, we can move on to healing how the Personal Powers affect your relationships and grow stronger into the dream ‘You’. You can start relating to the outside world the way you have always wanted to.

So you can live the naturally healthy lifestyle your nature intended. Your dream body is your destiny.

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    You really make it seem really easy together with your presentation but I find this matter to
    be actually something which I believe I would by
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