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Primal Steps to Achieving Goals: How Sustainable Living Guarantees Your Success


You’re wondering how sustainable living is one of the crucial steps to achieving goals. It’s simple. And I will explain exactly how adopting a sustainable lifestyle is the easiest way to ensure all of the steps to achieving your goals are harmonized and therefore reinforced. I’m going to show you how sustainable living is key to making your goals a reality with as little effort as possible. This article is about how to use nature’s law of sustainability to capitalize on balance — and let sustainable living be the raft that floats your goals down the path of least resistance to the ocean of your fulfillment.

This is part of an academic theory I discovered. I call it Sustainable Dreams.

How a Sustainable Lifestyle Makes Achieving Goals Effortless

Ever wonder how some people seem to have it all together? They are insightful enough to set the right goals for themselves, they have healthy routines which keep them happy and on track, they always seem to be energized enough to get their tasks done, they’re grounded, present, and put together. Yet, they also seem relaxed enough to be authentic and exude an air of freedom amidst all of their success and responsibilities? They make the right choices, they are in control, and they’re making progress towards their dreams. The steps to achieving goals seems effortless for them. Why?

Do you know anyone like that? It seems like magic to those of us who don’t fall into that kind of harmony with our lives. Yet, it seems so natural for them. They’ve adopted a sustainable lifestyle. And it’s much easier to accomplish than you think. In fact, the air of freedom you sense from people living sustainably, making the necessary steps to achieve their goals, comes from the ease that sustainable living creates. All you need to do the same is to adopt a sustainability mindset for yourself. The first rule of a sustainability mindset is: balance.

But I Thought Sustainable Living Meant ECO-Friendly…

You were probably wondering when I would start talking about eco-friendly sustainability, right? Aha. See here, eco-friendly sustainability is just smart living, it doesn’t really have to be “environmental” at all. You don’t necessarily have to be into “ECO” anything to be actively living a full, sustainable lifestyle. However, it does make life easier. That’s right, I said easier. The spiritual aspect of a balanced goal portfolio states: you need to feel good about your place in the world, and your impact on it, in order to be successful.

I’m going to explain all about ‘balanced goal portfolios’ below, but know it’s so incredibly important to take your values seriously if you want to achieve excellence. Holistic success — being fulfilled and happy on all counts — requires you live intentionally. Living sustainably doesn’t have to be about activism at all, it can be totally about feeling good. It can be just about you and your mindful steps to achieving goals. A sustainable lifestyle is as simple as that. It’s just living a high quality of life… and using the natural law of sustainability to make it easy.

Sustainability in Business

7 Types of Goals: Balanced Goal Setting — the First Steps to Achieving Goals Sustainably

Let’s recap what TYPES OF GOALS we should all have. (This is from another post on how to set goals and achieve them.) The first step to sustainable living, and achieving goals sustainably, is to balance your focal points.

There are 7 different types of goals which benefit your entire wellbeing (remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in our post on the key to success in life). Just like any type of investment, your goal portfolio should be balanced. Remember, you are investing your most valuable asset: time. One of the first steps to achieving goals is to balance your intended successes.

Make a list of these goal types & categories, then free-write some ballpark ideas on what achievements would truly make you happy in these areas.

The 7 Types of Goals to Add to Your Goal Portfolio:

i. Career goals

ii. Financial Goals

iii. Educational Goals

iv. Physical Health Goals

v. Personal Development Goals

vi. Relationship Goals

vii. Spiritual Goals

Then break those goals apart into pieces — from bite size to the whole shabang, map out what it takes — your necessary steps to achieving  your goals.

There are four basic, time-bound, categories all types of goals fit into:

a. Stepping stone goals,

b. Short term goals,

c. Long term goals, and

d. Lifetime goals.

You’ll want to hone in on only a few of the last two types of goals, but they will necessarily factor into smaller goals (the first 2 types) which can be plentiful.

Balanced Goal Setting Example: How Sustainable Living Creates the Right Steps to Achieve Big Goals

Everything is connected in your life, whether you like it or not, so in order to be truly “successful,” it’s necessary (and much easier) to set your sights on every type of goal. By making goals from every goal type, you’ll find that you have the holistic health to become wildly successful. He law of sustainability states: all these goals will piggy-back on one another — balancing the load so you can run fast towards your finish line.

When you set goals in this way, you’ll find they will actually feed into, and reinforce, one another. Goal setting done correctly will make what seems like an impossible goal simple, easy and straight forward. Even your wildest dreams will become all but effortless if you set the right types of goals and stick to your self-sustaining habits. Your first step towards a sustainability mindset begins by focussing on balance.

Creating a sustainable lifestyle means you’ll have the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical energy to accomplish your biggest dreams and hardest lifetime goals.

Long-term Goal Examples:

Tease out your deepest desires by filling in these blanks (or making ones of your own). It’s important to identify big goals in every area. They don’t have to be impressive to others, they just need to be what you want, deeply, and lead to your fulfillment.

Easy-to-measure long term goal examples:

i. I want to be promoted to work at ______ company in _____ position (career goal).

ii. I want to have $______ in the bank by ______ (financial goal).

iii. I want to learn/master ______ (educational goal).

iv. I want be ____ size/measurements/weight/fitness level (physical fitness/health goal).

Harder-to-measure long-term goal examples:

v.I want to be a better version of me, by _____ (personal development goal).

vi. I want to do _______ more with my friends, start _______ to my spouse and ______ to actively love my friends/family/partner more (relationship goals).

vii. I want to feel more connected to the world and _____ (spiritual goal).

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Breaking Lifetime & Long-term Goals into Intermediate & Short-term Goals — Sustainably

Now take those goals and break them down into actionable steps. Even the hard-to-measure goal examples can be broken down into easy-to-measure habits.

i. Your career goal is probably only a piece of the career pie that makes up a lifetime goal (lifetime goals are 10+ years). But undoubtedly, this long term career goal should feed into that lifetime goal (if you are being honest with yourself). The natural law of sustainability states that one goal feeds into the other. Follow along to see how to use the law of sustainability to your advantage — partner up your other goals towards your career goal so they can piggy back along one another.

ii. Financial goals are easy to incorporate in a sustainable model. You’ll need to focus and sacrifice time in order to be a goal-oriented, achievement-minded person. You can easily save money by working on your goals instead of more expensive entertainment. Your career development will necessitate more income. If you are tracking other goals daily, expenses can be easily added. The whole process becomes simple and easy once fully integrated into a sustainable model — which is easiest when it becomes a lifestyle. Starting with a sustainability mindset is the first step (and these goals become very easy once you begin there: vii — spiritual goals — are actually where goal achievement begins).

iii. Are your educational goals related to becoming more enlightened/skilled at any traits that will enhance any of your other goals? Probably. The law of sustainability is natural, and your desires should align in a sustainably fashion (meaning you want to achieve all of the aspects of your goals). If they don’t, do some more self-reflection. And if you truly desire education on something unrelated, like music, exploring you passions will make you a happier, more rounded, person and science clearly states happier people are more successful (Psychology Today). This will enhance goals in other areas (like relationship, spiritual and health — as I mentioned before, these hard-to-measure goals are where success begins and they can be easily measured by making tangible goals like this.

follow intuition, success in business

iv. Fitness and health goals are some of the easiest to break down into pieces. A daily, weekly & monthly tracker is all you need and the variety of trackers is immense. I use a bullet journal format I’m going to tell you about later. But the daily health & fitness tasks you assign to yourself are probably the hugest leg up on energy & positivity you can give yourself. Energy and positivity can help immensely with perseverance and resilience (two factors absolutely necessary for excellence) which in turn makes your fitness goals a foundation for success in every other goal ( .

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v. Personal development goals can be hard to track, but not if you hone in on daily habits which support those developments. Your personal development goals will definitely coincide with the other types of goals you’ve set. It’s important to break these longterm goals down into short term tasks which will nurture your growth daily. These big goals may be hard to measure, but the steps to achieve them are the easiest to track. By creating a daily habit tracker (I love bullet journals for this) you’ll be sure to make steps towards achieving your personal development goals everyday. This helps immensely in both your personal and professional life — making so many goals that matter to you easier to achieve.

vi. Relationship goals are often overlooked in the goal-achievement world. The outcomes are indeed hard to measure. Having a “happier partnership” is a tad challenging to track on a chart or break down into a mathematical formula. However, the smaller goals, the habits which are steps to achieve these goals, are also the easiest to track. Actively listening, practicing presence, mindfulness, cuddling/making love __ per week, having date night etcetera, are quite simple to track on a daily/weekly habit tracker. The steps to achieve your relationship goals are simple and success in this area is fundamental to your overall achievement.

Relationships are vital to our fulfillment. They make us happier, which (as mentioned above) creates more success, but a support network also makes us more apt to succeed in anything we do (especially the very hard tasks). Perseverance and tenacity ar easy with help. The law of a sustainable lifestyle states that investing in one area always benefits another. As long as the goal is a true desire, it will benefit all others. That’s nature. Relationship self-care absolutely feeds into every one of your goals, and tending to the needs of those relationships is a huge investment in every single other type of goal (CNBCHarvard).

steps to achieving goals, perserverance

vii. Spiritual goals are less tangible than any of the other goals, but they are not last on this list because they are least important. To the contrary, the are the most important goals to attain because they are foundational to your overall success. They are less measurable because they permeate everything. Energy is the bedrock of all matter. That isn’t ‘out-there’ thinking, OK, it’s science.

Here’s what most people don’t get about “spiritual” goals: it isn’t about religion. Lots of spiritual disciplines would say religion gets in the way of spirituality! Whatever gives you meaning, deep down, makes you feel valuable and aligned — that’s a spiritual goal. Charity can be a spiritual goal. Yoga can be a spiritual goal. Anything that makes you feel good, really good, is a spiritual goal. What you give back is the pinnacle of succeeding in life.

Answer these questions:

What will you bring to the world by creating the rest of your goals?

What will you be able to give back?

Who will it serve?

Who needs you to be the best you can be?

What is your deep valuation of these goals above?

That is your spiritual goal and it will drive you through any obstacle (it’s key to every other goal and every character trait that will help you along). Every part of clearing and creating good energy — good vibes — in your life will benefit each of the steps to achieve your goals ten fold. It is the most powerful way you can set yourself up to succeed. Why? Because life is holistic, it operates sustainably, aligning with the law of sustainability makes your wildest success — living the life of your dreams — effortless.

Steps to achieve goals sustainably

How a Sustainable Lifestyle Makes Steps to Achieving Goals Effortless

It all comes down to aligning with the natural principles reality is based on. Nature exists sustainably. Living a sustainable lifestyle is not only smart it will inherently feel good. Did you hear me talking about how spiritual health is actually the foundation of all successful goals? Living aligned with the law of sustainability, consciously living a sustainable lifestyle, will fulfill your need for connection to the world. It also fosters creativity, saves money, gives you more time, and gives you the opportunity to invest in the world. You’ll have more time to spend on goals, more conscious like-minded friends to support you in your endeavours, and a clear-headed, open-hearted, powerful approach to goal setting and problem solving. Every area of your life will piggy-back on the others and the steps to achieving your goals will simply line up for you. All you need to do is focus on balancing your goals portfolio. That’s living sustainably.

Good luck on all your endeavours!

Need Help Adopting a Sustainability Mindset? Want More Guidance on the Steps to Achieving Your Goals?

I design programs to give people like you control over their minds, hearts, spirits and bodies — I give them the power to create the life of their dreams — easily. I use both ancient wisdom and cutting edge science to produce holistic programs that get you to your goals, the common trait in all of my therapies is: they are proven to work.

Your entire likelihood of success is the sum of what I call your MASS:

Mindfulness +

Alignment +

Self-Care +


= How Successful You are Going to Be at the Steps Necessary to Achieving Your Goals.

This formula is necessary for every kind of success. My programs all help people clear, heal, grow and strengthen these Personal Powers in precisely the ways they pertain to the goal at hand. In a weight loss program, these 4 Personal Powers are cleared, healed, grown and strengthened in the scientifically proven ways necessary to get into ideal body composition. In a professional development course, these Personal Powers and cleared, healed, grown and strengthened into models proven by data to be highly effective for excellence in professional development. Whatever your goals, these personal Powers — the sum of your MASS — will dictate how effective you are.

Rule number one for success of any kind is: it’s holistic. All else is not sustainable. The path to creating sustainable success is to begin, and develop, sustainably. The really incredible insight I’m bringing to you (here and through my programs) is that sustainable living makes the steps to achieving goals easy to take.

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Steps to achieve goals sustainably Steps to achieve goals sustainably Steps to achieve goals sustainably

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