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Holistic Health: Your Ideal Body is Your Nature


Why are children and animals so effortlessly healthy? Because… it’s their Nature.

How do most of us begin our lives in our ideal body, born with our holistic health in tact, when obesity and dis-ease seem to statistically be our fate? Many people manage to live in their ideal body composition, effortlessly, and animals do so by default. Why don’t they struggle with their health & weight when 2/3 of adults in America right now are overweight or obese (US Department of Health)?


That’s right, I said “EASY”. You know it. I know it. And we here at LaLee Lifestyle have uncovered proven methods so that you too can live in that reality — your ideal body composition is your nature and we have discovered how to get you back there to it.

The Wrong Focus: Why ‘Weight Loss’ isn’t Working

The overwhelming majority of weight loss methods the industry is currently promoting do not work.

90% of people who attempt to lose weight using the current methods (diets etc.) gain it back. Many gain more weight as a result of dieting.

When will we culturally accept what the research has been blatantly crying for years? The day we can objectively look at the facts and stop discriminating based on our ‘beliefs’ that diet and exercise are the keys to ideal body composition — with it we will stop discriminating people who are overweight for ‘lacking willpower’ or being ‘lazy’.

Your ideal body is your nature. Ideal health is natural. What you need to do is get in touch with it and align your life.

The 4 Components of Holistic Health that Make Having a Perfect Body Easy 

There are 4 components of holistic health. I call them MASS. Your holistic health is the sum of your MASS: Mental Clarity, Alignment (physical and non-), Spiritual Wellness & Self-Care (or Self-Love). When healthy and developed, they are your Personal Powers. When these aspects of holistic health are weakened, damaged or neglected, dis-ease and ill health creep into your normally, naturally, ideal body.

When it comes to weight loss, the data is conclusive. There are 4 aspects to holistic health and Ideal Body Composition:   

According to the Experts, Experience & Peer-Reviewed Evidence (data)

1Productive Mindset

Mindset is more important than food when it comes to weight loss.

Research and health experts have known this for years. Diets, simply put, don’t work. Mindset development, mindfulness training, mental clarity and self-awareness are the hard-hitting tools that make even the most drastic physical transformations possible… and even easy. Not diet. These are the tools that get you into your best body, quickly, easily and without strain.

Weight Watchers, America’s favourite diet program for decades, was forced to shift its program to include mindfulness training due to the diet’s “dubious” weight loss results and a dismal financial outlook for the future. The average Weight Watcher spent almost $400 US per year to lose 5lbs (Business Insider).  The diet program now includes minor mindfulness techniques and are touting a 10% increase in weight loss results compared to previous programs (numbers taken from company website).

Our Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive uses deep, targeted, mindset training techniques that produce rapid weight loss results and are a pleasure to partake in. What’s more, we don’t wrap our new, proven, methods around an old, failed technique (dieting) and expect you to buy it. This is a completely different approach that works.

Related: Subconscious Mind Reprogramming to Increase Metabolism

There are many programs that offer “mindset” training for weight loss. Our programs dive deep into your unique psychology, how your inner mechanisms are relating to each other, what you — specifically — need to develop the precise mental clarity, that authentically reflects your personal mindset, to heal and grow into your naturally ideal body.

Get a free mini meditative therapy for weight loss here.

2Emotional Wellness

Emotions are the number one obstacle to weight loss (American Psychology Association).

When the Consumer Reports National Research Centre surveyed licensed psychologists, asking them which strategies were essential to losing weight and keeping it off, the top answer received from these experts was “Understanding and managing the behaviors and emotions related to weight management”. The top barrier according to these doctors was “Emotional eating”. The emphasis was clear: emotions play the leading role in weight loss.

The emphasis on emotional awareness weighed in above “Maintaining a regular exercise schedule”  and “Making proper food choices”.   The professionals who offer weight loss therapy almost unanimously agreed (92%) the solution to sustainable weight loss was to “Address underlying emotional issues related to weight gain.” On top of this, 70% of practitioners identified mindfulness practices and exercises promoting awareness of personal reactions, thoughts and feelings (cognitive therapy) as “excellent” methods for weight loss (see Mindset above).

Emotional wellness is absolutely necessary for ideal health and body composition. There are a plethora of options for general, or even specific, emotional healing you can choose from. But now, finally, there is a program specifically designed to uproot emotional obstacles to losing weight, heal emotional wounds and trauma, preventing you from walking into your best body effortlessly. These targeted therapies will help you grow strong in the Personal Power of acute self-care as it relates directly to effortless ideal body composition.

Our programs are unrivalled in thoroughness and unparalleled in efficacy.

3Unconscious & Metabolism (Energy)

Nothing is more pivotal to getting into your ideal body composition than addressing anxiety/depression and, fundamentally, your core beliefs… or, energy.

Hypnosis is a data-backed powerhouse for incomparable healing and personal growth when it comes to personal ‘hardwiring’ — our unconscious habits & core beliefs can dictate an immeasurable amount of our life and reality. Real change, bodily or behaviourally, starts here.

One study concluded that hypnosis improved weight loss results by 30 fold; participants lost 30 times more weight than the control group. Two years later, the hypnosis group continued to lose weight. Weight loss via hypnosis is not only proven to be effective, it is unparalleled in its continued efficacy — people who use hypnosis to lose weight alter their metabolisms and the positive effects increase over time!

When paired with cognitive therapy (practices inducing mindful awareness of your emotions, reactions, intentions etc. which are also a major facet in our programs) hypnosis doubled the efficacy of behavioural therapy alone. People lost twice as much weight when using the self awareness practices we spoke about in #2 alongside hypnotherapy (US National Library of Medicine). Again they found, after following up with the study participants in 18 months time, only the hypnotherapy group had kept the weight off. What’s more is that after 18 months, the hypnotherapy group continued to lose more weight than when the initial study concluded (HealthLine).

Trance induced weight loss therapies can, and do, change your metabolic rate, alter your core beliefs and shift your energy to produce a different physical outcome. Your most natural, healthiest, body is only a matter of getting clearer in tune with your nature.

Trance induced states (hypnosis) can dramatically alter ‘hardwired’ bodily or behavioural functions (like immunity, metabolism and compulsive behaviours). It has been shown to improve immune function so much that viral ailments disappear on their own. This is because whole-body, unconscious mechanisms are ruled by … you guessed it … the unconscious. While understanding “the exact mechanism behind hypnosis […] may be near-impossible” to do at this time, which leads it to be disregarded by critical thinkers quite often, the efficacy of directed trance on pervasive issue (like excess weight) in unquestionable. (William Ray, Ph.D., professor of psychology, Penn State University)

Unconscious therapies play an integral role in sustainable weight loss. As we have been shown by the research, which concluded that trance paired with behavioural therapies (deepening self-awareness) doubles the amount of weight lost by participants, a multi-faceted approach is absolutely necessary to losing weight and keeping it off.

Our programs dive into behavioural therapy and trance induced reprogramming in depth as well as cover every other area necessary for effective weight loss. Our solutions are truly solutions.

4Physical Alignment

Aligning your body effectively, and simply moving about your day, can be more effective to strengthen and tone your body than hitting the gym. 

Your body is designed to move in very specific ways. Many times, feeling tired during physical exercise, and especially wanting to quit, has little to do with muscle fatigue and everything to do with poor alignment. Your body will send you signals to *stop* running, lifting or moving in any way when it feels the motion is not precise and ideally aligned. When you’re exercising and you hear a voice saying “I hate this, I want to stop” you can rest assured it is likely poor alignment that is fretting you, not the physical exertion. Correcting your alignment in these cases will give you a fresh burst of energy and make your body feel phenomenal while in motion. 

Unfortunately, unless you have a personal trainer who is at the top of their class, you probably aren’t getting enough direction on alignment. I remember after a high intensity interval circuit training class I tried one time, the teacher stopped me and said “your form… it was beautiful — that’s what [fitness training] is all about … people don’t get it — they always want to lift more or do it faster“. You must be moving in the right way to get good muscle conditioning. Even walking with great form is better than a HIIT class.

I applaud that HIIT teacher’s knowledge, that without good form you are not getting good exercise by any means, but I also note there was little to no focus on form directed in that class. It happens across the board: in yoga, pilates, HIIT and everywhere else — we are collectively more interested in doing ‘it’ (whatever exercise ‘it’ is in each case) more deeply or making it more vigorous than doing ‘it’ better. The truth is, walking is the best form of exercise for weight loss. Statistically.

The absolute best way to increase your energy expenditure (metabolic rate, or ‘calories out’) is to increase incidental caloric burning. Proper alignment will do that for you!

ideal body

The Benefits of Holistic Health: It Works

Do you know how easily people just like you (or further from holistic health than you are now) lose weight and enjoy the benefits of ideal health? Simple walking is the most common form of exercise undertaken by the only people who manage to lose significant amounts of weight and keep it off. Statistically. That is the most common activity.

You do not need to overexert yourself or be uncomfortable on the path to healthy lifestyle change! 

The intent focus on form I learned in rigorous ballet training, added to in depth traditional yoga posture tutelage I underwent (in india and beyond) gave me a fantastic base to analyze different methods, ancient and modern (from Kung Fu to Pilates), and experiment with research to find out the most beneficial alignment you can use to achieve easy weight loss and effortless target toning.

With the alignment rules I teach, you can not only lose weight walking but, tighten and tone your body with every movement you take.

We Go All the Way to Holistic Health that Works

The most interesting part about the obsession with physical activity and diet culture is that both of these aspects of fitness rely on every one of these holistic health components. Physical activity & healthy diet necessitate a focus on balancing every one of these facets above.  Even the fitness industry’s misguided focusses actually require you first balance, strengthen and heal your MASS!

Strengthen & Heal the Components of Holistic Health for the Easy Benefit of an Ideal Body, Naturally

There is one truth at the centre of all of the fitness and diet culture’s philosophies: excess weight is a matter of an imbalance between calories in and calories out. Restricting calories doesn’t work, but intuitive eating does. Hitting it hard at the gym doesn’t work, but walking does. That’s because the way your health works is holistic, it’s not supposed to be hard — it’s supposed to be natural — your ideal body emerges when your mind, emotions, spirit it is in balance and… aligned.

We are peerless in creating holistic solutions for specific problems.

How to Use Holistic Health to Get into our Ideal Body — Naturally

Do you know how easily people just like you (or further from holistic health than you are now) lose weight and enjoy the benefits of ideal health? Simple walking is the most common form of exercise undertaken by the only people who manage to lose significant amounts of weight and keep it off. Statistically. That is the most common activity.

You do not need to overexert yourself or be uncomfortable on the path to healthy lifestyle change! 

By progressing through the 4 Districts in our programs, creating your ideal body composition becomes the most easy, natural way to be & live. Even if we still subscribe to our culturally accepted, standardized fitness institutions (diet and exercise) healthy diet and exercise become simple when you’re aligned with your ideal body nature.

Our programs offer real solutions. No gimmicks, just good research.

Why? Because we can. We are like you. We’re independent, in control of our future, and FREE to put our best research forward.


Get into the Best Body of Your Life — Easily

No Restrictions, Just Your Fun, Fit, Free Body Effortlessly — As Nature Intended

Perfect Body: Mindset Reset

Perfect Body Mindset: Reset

28 day Mind-Clarifying course covering all 4 Districts to improve your MASS 

Ideal Body Composition Comprehensive

Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive

12 Week Comprehensive Course that covers Conscious, Sub-Conscious & Unconscious reprogramming.

4 Districts help you heal, grow 7 strengthen your MASS & ground these changes into your body and into your life. 

laleelifestyle holistic health

Ideal Body Composition: Masters’ Program

12 Month Program for the serious student.

Includes the Ideal Body Composition: Comprehensive plus a 9 month subscription to our membership site where you will continue to get new MASS therapies every month, curated to elevate your Personal Powers in a cycle of reprogramming, healing, incorporating & grounding your new health (like the IBCC) with an additional 2 cycles (on top of IBCC).  



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