how to use meditation for weight loss

Physical Benefits of Meditation: Weight Loss & the Mindfulness Cure

You’ve probably heard about many of the amazing physical benefits of meditation, but did you know that it also can help you lose weight?

Probably not.

Or perhaps you’ve heard claims that meditation can help with weight loss but there’s been little linear rationale behind the story.

That changes here. There are a plethora of physical benefits of meditation and we are going to learn exactly how they lead to weight loss.

Holistic Health & Big Goals

I’m obsessed with finding the easiest roads to our dream life & dream body. I started this blog when my research showed me that there was a very specific road, a mindful path towards holistic health the path of least resistance which is, truly, the only sustainable route to weight loss or any big goal.

Weight loss is a big goal and meditation can be the mindful key to making it effortless.

Why We all Want Easy Weight Loss

One thing that really stuck with from my time researching what academics call “capital T Truths” (they’re laws of nature, they can’t be disputed) is that when many people believe something, over a great length of time and especially a far reach of culture, it’s almost necessarily “True”.

We all love the idea of making our dream bodies, professions, relationships a reality — easily. That’s because it’s supposed to be easy.

We know weight loss is easy, instinctually, that’s why we seek it out.

Why isn’t “Manifesting” my Dream Body Working?

Because of our instinct towards easy paths to goal fulfillment, we are totally attracted to pills that promise weight loss & The-Secret-style manifestation — we know deep down the answer really is as simple as that.

The trouble is, we haven’t had the right methods until now. One pill is NOT going to rebalance your entire bodily system. You are an incomprehensibly complex biological symbiosis of essentially infinite parts.

You can NOT just decide what your mind is going to do; most of the workings in your mind are not even conscious. Telling it what to do is like trying to get a minimally trained animal to do exactly what you want.

Imagine commanding a dog — who is 5% trained, has free rein over where it goes, what it decides to do and what it refrains from doing — to go from A all the way to Z … That’s your mind trying to “manifest”.

The Mind-Body Connection & Easy Weight Loss

The Mind & Body are intricately interconnected. You can have your ideal body (and life), simply, but you have to employ training to your whole mind. The secret to easy health & fitness is in learning how to target all of the pieces of your mind.

The Conscious Mind: Judgement, Self-Talk, Logic

What you decide to do.

The Subconscious Mind: Reactions, Emotions, Intuition

How you respond to your choices and experiences.

The Unconscious Mind: Desire, Instincts, Beliefs

Bodily functions like appetite and metabolism.

The conscious mind can decide it’s going to make healthy choices, or manifest a better body, but the unconscious mind can cause the body to crave unhealthy foods or reject activities uncontrollably.

The subconscious mind parlays between them and it can be the indicator, and therefore mediator, to finding a resolution for the problems that arise in either layer.

Meditation is the easiest way to access the subconscious & control it.

The subconscious mind is the most interesting in that it can affect both the Conscious & Unconscious Minds.

The Science is in: Meditation Controls Unconscious Behaviour

Addictions are an example of what can result from an imbalanced unconscious (they seem ‘uncontrollable’ because they’re being driven by what feels like ‘instinct’). When you try to control an addiction, the unconscious imbalance tends to act out through the subconscious (emotional triggers will cause a knee-jerk reaction to self-harm — like overeating or substance abuse etc).

The only way to access the imbalance in the unconscious is through the subconscious — it’s also the only way to resolve triggers — harnessing the subconscious mind opens a window to heal the imbalance in the unconscious and therefore the addiction.

A recent study has shown that meditation is better at beating addiction than the American Lung Association’s freedom from smoking (FFS) program.

Participants who did 5 hrs of meditation training over a 2 week period reduced smoking by 60%!

Addictions & compulsions stem from the unconscious. Decisions and judgement (the conscious) can’t control or sway them if they have no access. The subconscious mind is the door keeper between the two. By practicing meditation these participants could reason with their desires for the first time.

The result was: they could control their unconscious.

Meditation has measurable, physical, benefits.

Scientists found physically measurable benefits of meditation in these participants: like increased activity in the brain areas related to self-control. They said that even brief meditation training notably expanded their capacity for self-control.

Self control is a bi-product of having a symbiotic relationship between the conscious & unconscious minds.

Mindfulness Meditation Cures Irrational Emotional Reactions

The subconscious is the source of emotional reactions, like situational stress. When neuroscientists studied the effects of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) versus aerobics on patients suffering from social anxiety, it blew exercise out of the water.

The participants in the study were able to calm the waters of their emotional reactions, better than if they were physically active (a highly recommended tool for mental health), just by being mindful. They were able to address what was actually wrong by bringing their conscious awareness into the subconscious.

Meditation is not only effective, it’s a real solution: studies have shown the benefits of meditation persist, even years after completing the course.

The Science of Meditating to Lose Weight

There are 6 facets to weight loss the top weight loss experts to the stars all recommend. We address every area in our programs:




Stress Management



These tactics work for top celebrities and people who don’t normally have extra weight to lose — because they already have their 3 layers of mind sorted out.

For everyone else, weight loss seems all but impossible because if you’re having trouble with your weight — and its persistent — you need to have your 3 layers of mind sorted out.

You cannot lose weight, especially if you’ve been struggling for some time, without a game-plan to shift your subconscious mind.

What really sets us apart from other weight loss leaders is that we don’t tell you how to live — we address the reasons why you aren’t living your healthiest life.

Meditation, through access to the subconscious, helps:

Reduce inflammation.

Reduce stress.

Reduce depression.

Boost mood.

Fall asleep faster & rest longer.

Increases compassion (self-support)

Makes all other healthy lifestyle changes possible.

Every one of the 6 facets are addressed by meditation.

The benefits of meditation also appear to be accumulative, meaning they increase over time. Meditation practice continually increases positive emotions and personal resources like:

Increased mindfulness,

A sense of purpose in life,

Social support,

Better overall health.

If you’re looking to make a positive healthy lifestyle change, you need to start at the beginning — you need to address the reasons you aren’t there already. If you’ve made decisions in the past to lose weight, but couldn’t stick with them, you will find it very easy to progress if you take this first step: addressing you subconscious.

If people with addictions and serious mental health issues can be dramatically swayed with meditation — you can too.

Regardless of how disconnected your judgement and decisions are from your actions, meditation can and does help.

How to Use Meditation for Physical Benefits: Health & Weight Loss

The most amazing part about meditation is that you really write the rules on how much impact you can have. Making a practice, and dedicating to opening up more, going further inward, can really allow you to write the rules on how much your mind(s) develop.

1. Commit to a daily practice. Before bed or as soon as you wake is best.

We create this schedule for you in the Perfect Body Mindset: Reset & of course the Ideal Body Composition:Comprehensive.

2. Seek the authentic body you’d feel most comfortable in.

The first step in IBCC is to clear the outside world’s influence on how we see ourselves and set our OWN body goals.

4. Open up to it. Then ask yourself to open some more. What does it feel like to have it?

We guide you through aligning with your best body in all of our programs.

5. Notice any revulsion to it. What in you feels uncomfortable with this new reality?

We don’t just slap a coat of nice-feeling paint on top of issues, we UpRoot them and throw them out. This is perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of UpRoots Wellness — we get ‘you’ out of your own way.

6. Go deeper still. What deep within you feels the truth — that this dream version is actually the REAL you?

Your best body is your most authentic self. Aligning with this is the first step to fully creating your own physical reality effortlessly.

7. Fall in line with that inspiration and call upon it whenever you feel too small to achieve your goals in daily life.

All you need to do to get into your best body is to align properly with your Ideal Body Nature. Meditation allows you to have access to areas blocking your true self, and best body, you wouldn’t have otherwise.

At UpRoots, we’ve designed super potent styles of meditation that incorporate psychological therapies and powerful healing elements unlike anything on the market. But the real power… is in you.

Mediation Programs that Work for Weight Loss

Our MIDI therapies are like meditations on steroids. We power-pack them with heavy-hitting psychological tools, bulls-eye targeted sound therapies, laser focussed affirmations and incentives to practice, practice practice.

We’ve developed advanced tools to help you follow through on your decision to make a healthy lifestyle change this time. All of our programs are designed to trigger healthy habits. We attack what’s actually wrong to reset your mindset, reformulate your reactions, and replace all of your weaknesses with strengths.

We UpRoot, heal and grow to make you strong in every Personal Power necessary to have the best body of your life — easily.

Join us for a free workshop & claim your bonuses today.


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