Claim that inner support you deserve on your journey to wholehearted. This toolkit cultivates the motivation necessary to embrace the healthy lifestyle you know you deserve.

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Come claim the inner support you need on your journey to fantastic health. This toolkit cultivates the motivation necessary embrace that wholehearted healthy living you know you deserve.

Our scientifically developed “GRATi” therapies hone in on the most powerful paths to inner healing, growth and strength. The Holistic Health GRATi tools are coupled with printable exercises and an email course in the Pack. They’re all based on the science (and spirituality) of what will truly sustain your motivation, so you can keep making the healthiest decisions, for your wholehearted health, that you know that you need.

• 4 Week Wholehearted Health (Re)Program email course
• 4 x Scientifically Developed GRATi
• 4 x Printable GRATi Journals
• 4 x Printable Bullet Journals

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