When this whole universal slow-down started impacting all of our lives, I was scared to share how excited I was… because I thought I was alone. I thought that most people were incredibly stressed out and felt really badly about quarantine and the challenges it puts on our health.

After listening to you all, my students and friends, you have made me so happy. 

I’ve been trying to contain my own stoke about this whole social-distancing thing because I thought my situation was unique; it would be rude to suggest that my happiness — seeing this as an enormous opportunity for positive, healthy change — fit with everyone else’s situation too.

I run an online business I ADORE,

my bills are paid, and

I’m an introvert 

—  I REALLY did not think it’s appropriate to run around clicking my heels because I could see how angry and scared and panicked many people were on Facebook. 

I thought I was alone in a weird situation… to be happy at home to work on projects I adore and having this intense time to focus on myself.

Then I heard a collective sigh of relief and thought… WOAH. Are you are also in that boat with me?! 

A friend of mine is a mindset coach and she reached out to a big pool of people on facebook asking them if they were stressed/anxious/panicky because of the current social-distancing etc. I was shocked to see SO many people were actually feeling the COMPLETE OPPOSITE.

 A lot of people are experiencing this slow-down as a reprieve.

No work.
No school.
Bills are halted.
Social pressure is gone.

This breath of fresh air can be the time, space and PERMISSION you need to set a major RESET button in your health and in your life! I’m doing a special week long focus group on personal growth during the slow-down. In it, you’ll get to develop your own personalized wellness action plan to uncover the unique and perfect you. You can join herefor wellness plan directed towards personal growth.

Today you get to tap into the bad-a**ness of rest and relaxation.

“R&R is bad-a**??”, you say. What could be more bad-a** than doing whatever the heck you WANT?

That is what is SO cool about this global SLOW down: there is so much POWER in rest. And you can use this time as a total RESET to build the life you really want.

The Finest version of you is your destiny, purpose, and it’s the easiest thing for you to do. 

Think I’m just telling you what you want to hear? WRONG. That person you really want to be? That body, that relationship, that career: That IS you.

Everything ELSE is just a roadblock that is stuck ON you. Letting that stuff go is WAY easier than carrying them around. You genuinely ARE exactly what you want to be, and that is an easy thing for you to be.

All those things you don’t like about “yourself” is really just an effect from the behaviour of someone ELSE.

Negative feedback eats away at our courage to just BE. And we end up sacrificing our self-expression for the comfort, or acceptance, of other people. 

 I say screw that.

 If you’ve ever felt held back by other people’s opinions or negative feedback, watch this video.

You’ll learn my little trick so you can USE constructive criticism and genuinely FILTER OUT the feedback that is pure ne-ga-tive. 

There is SO much power in this slowing down to JUST BE OURSELVES. 

Today is the perfect day to ask: “What is holding the real me back?”  

For most people (especially women) it starts (and ends) with judgement. Judgement from society, or people we love, even strangers who aren’t worth our damns.

Today, I give you the permission to let that sh*t go and drop into the beautiful, unique and incredible person you truly ARE.

Join me right now, and start creating your own personal growth & wellness plan starting with this quiz.


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