Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is the Beginning: The Real New Year Starts NOW


Last year was a big year of endings. Luckily, everything in nature is cyclical and we can count on what comes next: a big year of beginnings! I’ve heard some of my friends wondering why the new year hasn’t really shown up to turn their tides yet; I tell them what I’m telling you! The new year hasn’t yet begun! The Spring Equinox is the real new year, just ask any tree.

The Spring Equinox falls on March 20th or 21st: the Real New Year

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New Year’s Day on the Gregorian calendar is mostly arbitrary. Although it’s a solar calendar, New Years Day has nothing to do with the sun, stars, earth — nothing. It doesn’t follow any lunar pattern either. Lunar calendars celebrate their new year in February (closer to the ‘real’ new year, imo). We’ve essentially just made up a calendar that sort of works (leap years are our way of correcting the fact that we haven’t gotten it right)!

Spring is the New Year

It would make sense to celebrate the new year on, say, the Winter Equinox (when the sun begins its return in the northern hemisphere) but January 1st never made any real sense to me. The new year begins in the Spring —you can see evidence of that all around you. Everything starts its new cycle; the plants bud, animals get frisky, people come alive out of winter hibernation. And this year especially, the planets reflect the new beginning too.

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Whether or not you believe we can read signs about movements on earth by reading signs in the movements of the nature, most people won’t argue with how unified-ly transformative Spring is. If you had a year of endings, it will be followed, of course, by a year of beginnings. But your new year didn’t begin in January. It starts now.

Spring Equinox Rituals: Sow Seeds

Everything in nature takes time. Garlic that sprouts in the spring was planted in the fall. A calendar may mark a change in an hour, like a new day, equinox or solstice, but even a moon takes 2 weeks to wax or wane. On this Spring Equinox, we can start to really get up, now that we’ve taken our time to wake up slowly since the calendar New Year, we can stretch and test our legs stepping out of bed to a new season and a new day.

If you have yet to feel 100% this year, or ready to tackle all of the dreams you uncovered in the dark nights of last year, you are still totally on time. Spring is just about to dawn and with it, your new year! The new year energy has just begun, and with it all of our fertile soil is just warming up and getting loose. So revisit those resolutions!

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Rethink the setting of your dreams; it’s never a waste to set them, but they may go a lot farther when the world has your back! Watch very closely to the space your endings created; those releases made room, and fertilized the ground, for truly seeds, sprouts & fruit of a much better life! If you’re like me and you can feel a really big wonderful change coming for you too— if you’d like to join me on this journey, and we share some similar goals— I have some super amazing resources for you.

If a Better Body is your Goal

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If Financial Freedom is your Goal

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I hope this article finds you well/carves a little pathway to an even better place!
Happy New Year!



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