If it’s ever seemed unfair to you, how some people seem to never gain weight, I’m here to show you there are habits you can emulate to lose weight and keep extra pounds at bay too.

If you’ve been sidelined on the road to your best body by being told that your genetics are the cause of your body composition, I’m here to free you from those shackles and free your fit form too.

The truth, in a nutshell, is that pure genetics — your DNA — are not truly to blame, or thank, for your body fat to muscle ratio. I know that sounds crazy, because we all know how tough it is for everyone to lose weight. According to statistics, it’s almost impossible! Add to this that obesity seems to run in families and there’s a pretty clear indication that there are biological forces at work completely beyond your control.

Right. And wrong.

Epigenetics dictate body composition.

Epigenetics are the true culprit in the “battle of the bulge“. This, at first glance, sounds like an argument of semantics. Epigenetics vs. genetics doesn’t mean a lot to most people — in fact, my word editor is highlighting “epigenetics” as a typo — even word processors don’t understand the meaning… yet.

In truth, illuminating the role epigenetics play in all health and wellness concerns (including obesity and weight loss) is the complete opposite of an immaterial point. Epigenetics is the one way we can finally understand why we are gaining weight, and in the process, discover why our collective attempts to lose this weight have been in vain.

Epigenetics = genes + environment

Scientists are discovering, piece by piece, that our genetics have been deeply misunderstood. In the past, researchers and medical doctors have believed our DNA was immoveable, unchangeable, our physical fates were sealed at birth — maybe even conception. All that changed when they began discovering DNA expression.

“Gene expression is a tightly regulated process that allows a cell to respond to its changing environment.”

– Yourgenome.org

The short story is: your genetics are switched on and off by environmental factors. It seems self-evident that overweight is caused by DNA because it is proven to be somewhat inheritable. However, we inherit much more than DNA from our ancestors.

We inherit their beliefs, their culture, their worldviews, their trauma. We inherit their behaviour. And we are brought up into this world via their environment.

When we change our environment, we change what we used to think was our genetic code.

6 Self-Care Habits for an Impeccable Inner Environment

It was such a revelation to me that simple habits were the reason some women (and men) never gained weight. These people who have no problem staying lean, thin, and trim are just like you and I… Even though we may have struggled for our whole lives with weight gain (I know I did). Here’s what I learned from the latest research, top weight loss professionals and the most beautiful bodies in the world.

1. They manage their stress.

Stress causes weight gain. From releasing to cortisol to preventing healing — stress is absolutely, positively, linked to weight gain. If your new diet or exercise plan is stressing you out, you can’t win using it.

2. They drink lots of water.

Staying hydrated is crucial to every bodily function — including metabolism. Women who stay effortlessly slim drink at least 2 litres (1 gallon) per day, everyday.

3. They breathe fully.

Believe it or not, oxygen is a key component in the fat-burning process. Women who stay lean and lose weight easily intuitively understand the wellness that practicing deep breathing gives.

4. They get adequate rest.

Sleep is when most of our fat is burned. Slim women make getting a good nights sleep a top priority.

See how many different facets go into your best body in detail here.

5. They eat intuitively and/or mindfully.

The statistics are staggering: eating mindfully and/or intuitively is better than any diet in the world. Women who stay lean know this; they enjoy their food fully and trust their bodies hunger cues.

Check out an in depth guide to intuitive eating here.

6. They stay active in good alignment.

Having good posture and knowing the basics of good alignment can help every movement in an active lifestyle tighten and tone the muscles of your body. Women who stay fit enjoy good alignment in all of the activities they do.

Alignment means more than just the physical… read more here.

They 6 facets are the core aspects of having a really good fundamental environment which makes expressing the best of your genes, and getting the body of your particular dreams, a breeze.

If you have troubles with any of these habits, which many women do, I create holistic healing, growing and strengthening courses proven to reset your inner environment and reprogram your inner world. This makes getting into your best body, and best life, a whole lot simpler. Check out my healthy lifestyle brand: UpRoots Wellness.


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